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Nokia Connectivity Analyzer: Diagnose & Analyze Wifi, 3G, EDGE And GPRS Mobile Connections

I have been sharing Nokia Beta Labs application for the last few days. The reason is all these application have potential to ease out the user experience and make working on Nokia Smart-phone a good experience. In this article, I’ll be reviewing Nokia Connectivity Analyzer, a mobile application which diagnoses the Internet connectivity on your mobile phone. Connectivity Analyzer diagnosis the wifi, 3G, GPRS and EDGE connections of your mobile phone (whichever is/are available) and shows you the connection analysis in a user friendly manner. Though i am not an expert is studying packet data, and other connectivity related terms however, thanks to the way Nokia Connectivity Analyzer presents the results, I was able to get the working situation of my connection.

Nokia Connectivity Analyzer has an installation size of just under 200 KB (tested on Nokia 5230) and requires QT to be installed on your mobile phone. The home-screen shows you the following Diagnostic related tabs:

  1. Start Diagnostic – Under this you are asked to select the network connection you want to diagnose and then the application carries out tests after which results are presented in an orderly manner. along with each test, its status is also mentioned (Passed, Failed or Skipped) which allows a n00b to understand it easily! You can save the results as well for future reference by tapping on “Options”. Expert users can go one step ahead and get the details of connection tests by tapping on the individual tests. Moreover they can adjust the test configurations (Graph, WLAN, Cellular & IP Capture).
  2. Diagnostic Results – It shows the results of the recent test conducted.
  3. Connection Observer – It tracks the current connection in real time. In order to do so, tap on “Connection Observer” and then click on “Record”. The connection activity is then recorded and shown neatly on a graph, which can be easliy understood by referring to the WLAN Labels and Cellular Labels (Act as Key). Similar to Diagnostic results, the connectivity log can be stored for future reference.
  4. Ping – Similar to the ping function on your windows computer, it pings the Nokia website (by default) to check the working of the connection.
  5. Disconnect – It disconnects from the current connected network.

In my opinion Nokia should release Connectivity Analyzer in Ovi Store, It’s of great help whenever there’s a need to verify the working of a particular connection be it Wifi, 3G, EDGE or GPRS. A must have symbian based mobile application for all those who use Internet on/through their Nokia mobile phone.

Nokia Connectivity Analyzer is available for S60 5th Edition, S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2 and S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 running mobile phone’s. You can download the latest version through Connectivity Analyzer Beta Page.


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