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Nokia Situations: Automate Profile Change On Your Nokia Phone Depending On Situation’s

In last post, I shared Gig Finder released by Nokia Beta Labs, which turned out to be a great application for all the music lovers and concert goers! In this article, am sharing yet another Nokia Beta Labs mobile application viz. Nokia Situations. Nokia Situations has been developed to change Profiles on your phone depending on the situation around you. It’s main purpose is to make your mobile phone get acquainted with the environment you are in and behave accordingly. And by “behaving” I mean the type of ring-tone, volume of ring-tone, wallpaper, sms tone, automatic answering, theme, email tone, keypad tone, etc to change accordingly.

Nokia Situations with an installation size of just under 250 KB (Tested on Nokia 5230), it can be installed on either phone memory or memory card. The application does more than just sit in the background. Nokia Situations once installed presents you with a home-screen wherein you can see all the existing (default) profiles on your mobile phone and lists them. There’s an option to create a completely new profile which by the way is already available by default to all the Nokia phone users.


From the home-screen itself you can select any application for automatic activation after satisfying the terms set by you. In order to set the conditions for automatic activation you need to double click/tap on the profile that you need to change the condition for and click on “Enable Automation”. You will then be taken to the “Conditions” screen where you can set:

  1. Time for activation. Just set the Start time and End time for the profile to get activated similar to the feature you have by default in your Nokia phone.
  2. Weekday allows you to define the days on which the profile will be activated. Just select the days as per your preference.
  3. Calender activation states that Nokia Situations will follow the Weekday feature to activate the profile. If you don’t select it then other factore except Weekday will be considered for activation.
  4. GPS Location allows activation of a profile based on the location of your mobile phone. If you set it to a certain point on the map (Selected on OVI maps, so install it!) then that profile will be activated only when you reach that point. A great feature if you are a office goer, student, etc, it will allow automatic switch to Silent Mode (or any other profile of your choice) and revert back as soon as you are out of that location!
  5. Network Location
  6. Bluetooth Device allows changing of profile as and when you are in the range of selected bluetooth devices. Though this feature is more or less not useful since it require you to have bluetooth on as well as the selected device(s) should have it’s bluetooth on for this to work properly.

Adding to all this, you can edit/change the usual profile setting directly via this application which can be done by clicking/tapping on “Settings” tab next to “Conditions” tab at the top of mobile phone’s screen. All in all I found Nokia Situation to be a useful application which can be a great time saver. Except for the following points, I believe Nokia Situations will make it to Ovi Store soon:

  • GPS condition requires access to GPS which is an obvious drain on the mobile phone’s battery.
  • Network location proved to be a totally useless condition and hence no explanation.
  • Bluetooth condition besides being a battery sucker, is a security threat for smart-phone users.

Nokia Situations is avialable for Nokia S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2, Symbian^3, S60v5 (Symbian^1) like Nokia N97, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia 5228, Nokia 5230 Nuron, Nokia 5235, Nokia 5250, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia X6, Nokia C6, Nokia C7, Nokia E7 and Nokia N8. You can download the latest version of Nokia Situations via Beta Labs page.



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