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Nokia Lumia 1080 Mock Up Design & Expected Features

To beat the competition and uplift its sagging fortunes, Nokia will have to create wonderful and path-breaking smartphone. After relatively mediocre success with its flagship Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 925,it is high time for Nokia to introduce its latest iteration of Lumia 1080 smartphone with unique designs and features.


There is not much scope left to power the smartphone with innovative hardware features as nowadays all the smartphones are vying with each other to equip their smartphones with powerful processors, batteries and RAM capacity.

In order to take lead from the competition, Nokia will have to give considerable thought to form factor for its future smartphone. If Nokia can come out with innovative bendable and wearable smartphone then it will be able to reclaim its lost glory.

The futuristic Nokia Lumia 1080 is expected to feature 5 inch bendable OLED display with full HD resolution(1920×1080 pixels), and will be powered by 1.8 GHz Quad-Core processor. This smartphone will run on Windows 8.1 mobile OS, and will be equipped with 13MP Pure View Camera and 3.2 MP front shooter. To make life easier for the users, this device will be packed with powerful and long-lasting 3200 mAH battery.


If Nokia wants to take the world by storm then they can come out with wearable version pf  Lumia 1080 with the above specifications and everybody will run after them to wear their futuristic devices.

But the million Dollar question is: can Nokia do it at this hour of crisis when there are rumors of there company being bought by few dis-interested tech companies? If they still want to remain in business then they should definitely incorporate new technologies in their upcoming smartphones.

An Indian website 91mobiles.com  has conceptualised some images and specifications of Lumia 1080, which are reproduced above.

This is the ideal time for Nokia to hit sixer and come out with next generation of devices to get re-connected with lost audience. We do hope Nokia will give some surprises in the coming months!

(Images courtesy : 91mobiles.com)


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