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SD Portable Laptop Stand Review – Stay Away, Stay Clear

I have never really been in favour of using a laptop stand. Passive cooling policy in laptop’s generally works to great extent. However there are certain situations when you do need laptop stand for better ventilation or viewing angle. This is where SD Portable Laptop Stand comes into scene.

Resource intensive tasks like gaming, high end graphics editing, etc can cause the core temperatures of laptop to increase substantially. As a matter of fact I have had a number of occasions wherein my Dell Laptop just gave in and switched off as a result of core temperature reaching critical levels. Now this is where you would want to put your laptop on a laptop stand which could help increase air flow beneath the system and better dissipation of heat.

SD Portable Stand Packed

SD Portable Stand for laptops (upto 18″ inches screen) tries to serve the very same purpose. And provide a better viewing angle with it’s rear portion elevated to certain extend. All this is done with added elevation. There’s no fan for cooling. Bummer.

Construction – Build & Quality

There aren’t any screws holding together the stand but all the hooks do a good job in making it’s 2 hands fold-able. The build material of stand is all plastic, it looks rather cheap and breakable. Not the best of build quality you would want for your laptop.

SD Portable Stand UnPacked

While using it with my laptop, I felt the need to be more careful and not being too aggressive while typing on laptop. The possibility of stand giving was always there in back of my mind.

Usage Comfort

I was looking to solve ventilation issue with this stand. Fortunately, the elevation the stand provided did help in heat dissipation. No frills.

SD Portable Stand Side View

The problem I faced was a deal breaker. SD Portable Stand has it’s 2 hands upward bent (refer image for better understanding), which are solely responsible for holding the laptop still onto the stand. Every time I placed my Dell Inspiron 15R onto it and after a while the laptop slipped from the stand. This turned out to be a real pain in the ass, the need to keep your eye on stand to make sure laptop is safely sitting on it and not slipping away.

SD Portable Stand Usage

Plus, since the entire stand relies totally on these 2 extended hands, you always need a hard surface in order to use the stand. Doesn’t really add to it’s portability factor.


The product has got the word “Portable” within it’s name. So there’s got to be something portable about it! And indeed there is. The laptop stand is neatly tied down in a flat plate which nicely unfolds into a full stand. This allows you to carry it easily. Doesn’t occupy much of space, acts like remote panel, much slimmer though.

SD Portable Stand Opened

Rounding It Up

In a short sentence, I would advise you to stay away from buying this product. It’s doesn’t do justice to the price tag it comes with. The build quality is all plastic’ky. The upward bent corners aren’t high enough to hold the laptop and slips too easily. Nothing really to consider it as a worthy investment.

You can check out SD Portable Stand product page and other laptop, MacBook accessories at Gearzap. It’s available for £9.95.


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