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Moving Your Website To A New Host

I earlier wrote about How To Get Free Hosting And A Domain Name to help you find free hosting and this post is about moving your website to a new hosting. Generally people tend to change their hosting in the case of dis-satisfaction or lack of services from the hosting company and sometimes when they take over an existing site and desire complete control.

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So the main questions are:

Do you really need to change your existing host ?

For the answer you just need to figure out the pros & cons of your existing host like firstly the expenditure you are likely to make ,then comes the uptime provided by the hosting,the bandwidth and storage provided to you ,the access rights provided to you and mainly technical support (its a basic thing for those with little or no knowledge of these things). Apart from these a lot of things need to be determined based on your preferences.

The Process

Now that you have opted to move to a new domain you need a detailed description of the process to make things work for you. The process includes the transfer of the ownership of the domain ,backing up the site and preparation to move your site ,uploading the site to the new host ,making changes in the configuration panel of your hosting to discover the optimal settings, changing name servers, etc.


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