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Nomad ChargeCard Review – Ultra Portable Charging, Sync Cable The Size Of Credit Card

Carrying a charging cable while travelling is one thing everyone is accustomed to. Before leaving for a vacation, we tend to throw a charger in suitcase. The same isn’t true when travelling locally, at-least not with. I do have a car charger but it domain is limited to the car itself. So the question is what do you do when need arises to charge your iPhone or iPad Air? The answer is Nomad ChargeCard. The ChargeCard is a nifty credit card sized charging/sync cable for iPhone 5/5s/5c and iPad air.

Its ultra sleek design allows you to carry it in your wallet without worrying about all the extra wires and the whole agenda of forgetting a charging cable altogether. The greatest plus point of ChargeCard is its design. The credit card sized charging/sync cable is made out of hard plastic on the exterior while the actual USB cable responsible for connecting the device is made out of soft rubber material. When I say hard plastic, it doesn’t mean that the build quality is poor. Instead the plastic build allows a certain level of flex to the entire product thus preventing it from breaking whilst in your wallet.

ChargeCard has 2 connecting points, one is for USB port on your laptop and other is microUSB (30 pin Lightning Port) for connecting your iPhone or iPad Air. The latter is built right on the exterior corner for presumably providing a bit more length to the cable. This is understandable considering that the USB cable is just enough to pair both the devices and the fact that upon connecting iPhone rests at an odd angle.


Using the ChargeCard is as easy as using any other charging cable, the connectors are the same, just the design is compact. In order to charge your iPhone 5/5s/5c or iPad air you need to unhook the USB cable from in between the hard plastic and plug it into a USB outlet, and plug the Lightning Port into your iPhone 5/5s/5c or iPad air. Simple.

Nomad ChargeCard is available for $25. The price tag might sound on higher side but do keep in mind the flexibility and portability it offers. You can buy it directly from HelloNomad product page here – CHARGECARD iPhone Lightning Cable


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