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Oppo Demonstrates World’s First 5G Video Call Using 3D Structured Light Technology

Chinese smartphone brand Oppo has demonstrated the world’s first 5G video call using 3D Structured Light Technology. According to Oppo, the demonstration reproduced a 3D portrait image on a remote receiver using portrait information collected structured-light 3D camera of an Oppophone and 5G NR terminal prototypes from Qualcomm Technologies. The success of this innovative technology demo marks a milestone in applying 5G technology standards to real practices in the industry and facilitates the exploration of new application in the 5G era.

In this demo, a customized Oppo R11s smartphone with integrated structured light camera was used. The demo collected the color and 3D depth information of the target object by using RGB and the structured light camera of the phone. This information, transmitted under a 5G environment, finally displayed the target object in a remote display screen as stated by the company.

Bai Jian, the Director of the Hardware Research Center of Oppo Research Institute, said, ‘The success of the 5G video call utilizing 3D structure light technology demonstrates our innovation direction powered by the understanding of users’ need and cutting-edge technology. Oppo will commercialize the application of 3D structured light technology in smartphones and bring the groundbreaking technology to our customers in approximately 6 months. ’

‘Oppo engaged in 5G research and development as early as 3 years ago, and has been actively participating in the international standardization to develop 5G products. In January 2018, we announced the 5G pilot program with Qualcomm Technologies, and are dedicated to becoming the first smartphone manufacturers to launch 5G handsets in 2019. ’ said Tang Hai, Director of the Standardization Research Group of Oppo Research Institute.


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