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Pair SmartTime Bluetooth Watch With Mobile Phone, Enjoy It As Caller ID, Wrist Watch, Bracelet [Review]

Staying close to your phone isn’t always possible. Though everyone one of us does wish to have his/her phone in hands distance. So what’s the work around? Get a neck band? Nah….

There’s a better, sexier, fashionable way out. SmartTime Bluetooth Watch keeps you connected with your smartphone all the time! And you don’t even have to carry around phone with you! SmartTime Bluetooth Watch is a vibrating bracelet with a built in Caller ID which connects with your smartphone (in this case Android device) over bluetooth.

How It Works

The concept behind it is very simple. Pair the bluetooth watch (or bracelet, for ladies) with your mobile phone using Bluetooth connectivity. Once you are connected, the bracelet will display number of the incoming call, vibrate, as well as show time (when in idle state). The information it is capable of displaying isn’t fancy but the ability to push number (NOT NAME…) of incoming call to a electronic device, which fits in on your wrist just like a wrist watch gets all the attention!

Does It Really Work?

Yes. It does work. And all so in a respectable manner. Once paired with your phone, the bluetooth watch responds almost instantly upon receiving call on your device, caller’s number is displayed without any delays. The vibration is pretty smooth and continuous. Though I hated the continuous vibration mode and wish that there was an option to change it to intermittent vibration. That would have been a battery saver and otherwise a better notifier. Anyhow, it’s not a deal breaker, certainly not for something so useful.

The other useful aspect is it’s ability to display current time, remaining battery power. The battery display feature is just so darn useful, you don’t have to rely on your own calculations and interpretations at guessing how much longer can SmartTime Bluetooth Watch can survive. Just take a peep at the battery bar and you know how much juice is left to play with 😉

What I didn’t like is the time display functionality. Although, adding the time display does make it replicate a “normal” wrist watch but the feeling of wearing one swooshe’s into the air when you have to press the side button each time in order to see the time. There’ s should, must have been a way to display time permanently. Yes, it would have been a battery drainer but would have made up for a regular watch. Then again, this is a added functionality I prefer. Not everyone looks at his/her own watch every other second (I do ’cause some college lecture’s are just plain boringggg….).

Battery Capacity

It’s portable. Always connected to your phone via bluetooth. Displays stuff. All this requires battery to survive through a period of time. Thankfully SmartTime Bluetooth Watch comes loaded with a rechargeable 600 mA Lithium Polymer battery. Gives the device a standby time of approximately 3 days at a stretch. Sufficient battery capacity for a small gadget 🙂

Comfort Level

Since it’s a bracelet cum wrist watch cum bluetooth caller id receiver, it needs to feel comfortable while wearing for long period of time. Now, being comfortable, in my opinion is a tricky term. There are 2 possibilities:

  • If you wear wrist watch/bracelet regularly then you would actually enjoy wearing SmartTime Bluetooth Watch, that too for extended time period without any issues! Thanks to comfy inner lining.
  • On the contrary, if this is going to be your first time wearing anything on your wrist then it will take some time getting used to it. The issue here is not the bracelet itself but your habitual tendency. No blaming the device 😉

Wrapping It Up

It’s a useful device particularly for those who tend to deviate from their mobile phone’s and want to stay connected all the time. Plus the added sexed up bracelet cum watch look gives it a little extra edge as an alternative for regular wrist watch and/or bracelet. Even if your phone is not connected with the bluetooth watch, you’d still be able to use it as a watch or a beautiful looking bracelet!

Available at a price of £24.95 this is a must have gadget. I am sure you will enjoy it (especially female counterpart). You can buy it directly from MobileFun’s official online portal – SmartTime Bluetooth Watch With Caller ID



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