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Panasonic Introduces AI Powered Arbo Hub For Accessing Apps and Services

Panasonic India has launched Arbo Hub – an AI powered Hub which provides the users of Panasonic smartphones an access to multiple apps and services on a single platform. Arbo Hub, the ‘Go-to’ app for everything, adapts to the users specific needs, interests and provides all services on one single platform, decluttering multiple apps on the smartphones as stated by the company in its press statement.

Arbo Hub, is a single platform where all of Arbo’s (Panasonics AI based assistant launched in March 2017) learnings are utilized. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Arbo Hub learns the user preferences and makes recommendations based on areas of interest, making the experience smarter and clutter-free with its insight based recommendations. User will be shown information, data, content, games and shows which are relevant to them

For Arbo Hub, Panasonic has partnered with various apps like Accuweather which provides the user with real-time weather updates for on spot location, NewsPoint for latest news based on the taste and preferences, updates on cricket matches including live scores, history of previous matches and daily, weekly and monthly horoscope. For those users who rely heavily on app-based cab hailing services, Arbo Hub app’s intuitive interface lets them compare fares between the two most recognized app service, Ola and Uber. It not only shows the varying fares but also allows you to select between different categories (share or personal) within the app. Arbo Hub also turns into an entertainment centre by allowing the user to play HTML5-based games powered by Gamezop and covers e-payments via MobiKwik, allowing the user to pay utility bills.

Arbo Hub will be introduced to the users of Eluga ray 700, launched in September 2017, through an over the air update (FOTA) and in upcoming smartphone models Panasonic P85 NXT and Eluga Ray 710.

Mr. Pankaj Rana, Business Head – Mobility Division, Panasonic India, said, “We have struck all the right chords with Arbo, our Artificial Intelligence-based virtual assistant launched a year ago. With Arbo Hub, the Arbo family will now expand from an AI-powered virtual assistant to an AI-powered application Hub. The users now do not have to download multiple apps and clutter their phones, Arbo Hub will make available all the services you need on one single platform.”

He added, “We will keep evolving our AI-based initiatives and in the next iteration of the platform our users will come across exciting developments like live TV, music, food ordering, deals and offers plus price comparison across e-commerce platforms.”


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