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Philips Xenium X2566 With Large Font Size For Senior Citizenss Launched At Rs. 3,800

Philips mobile has launched today Philips Xenium X2566 feature phone designed especially for Senior Citizens. This phone comes with features such as large font size, long lasting battery life and SOS function.  Philips X2566 is priced at Rs 3, 800 and is available for sale now.


As per Philips Mobile, senior citizens are often inconvenienced by the standard phones available in the market due to their small font size, short battery life and fragility. According to Pew Research Internet Group, elderly citizens face several difficulties while adopting new technologies. Two in five elderly citizens indicated that they have a “physical or health condition that makes reading difficult or challenging” or a “disability, handicap, or chronic disease that prevents them from fully participating in many common daily activities”.

To address problems of senior citizens, Philips X2566 comes with following features :

Large Display fonts: This phone has large font sizes on a 2.4 inch landscape to enable easy reading. The keypad of the phone has larger keys you so that the elderss can read on the screen comfortably without straining their eyes.

Humanized Design: This phone is made of crystal double colour injection moulding technology that claims to give a special protection painting on the whole phone body, which makes the phone more elegant and fadeless.

Xenium Technology: The phone comes with a 1630mAh Li-ion battery capacity and Xenium power saving technology that is stated to deliver up to 1128 hours standby time and Up to 24 hours talking time.

FM Radio with high volume loudspeaker: The phone has an internal antenna for FM radio; along with a high volume loudspeaker and earpiece for better audibility.

SOS Function: This function enables users to set three ‘emergency’ or SOS numbers. In case of an emergency, users can press the SOS button hidden under the flashlight to dial out the pre-set SOS numbers. It allows you to identify a maximum of three different numbers where you can get immediate help when emergencies occur, whether within or outside your home. When you activate the SOS button, the phone will automatically connect to these numbers until your call gets answered by any one of the parties. This life-saving design means that you can retain your independence while maintaining easy access to immediate assistance in case you need help.
Magnifier & Flashlight: The phone comes with a unique ‘Magnifier’ which allows users to magnify letters on your phone screen and a powerful flashlight that can be used even when the phone power is switched off.


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