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Programming Trends That Developers Should Know

The last few years have seen exciting developments in the world of programming. From new development tools, programming languages, frameworks to interactive online programming classes, technologists and developers are embracing tech trends more than over. While a lot more is expected in the industry, programmers are faced with the task of adapting to new changes.

Here are a few programming trends that developers should know:

More Focus on Backend as a Service (BaaS)

Over the next few years, modern web and mobile application development will continue to migrate from self-managed applications to third-party services that offer more capabilities in terms of handling the ever-evolving needs of today’s users. Such capabilities include cloud storage, user administration, performance monitoring and push notifications.

Backend as a Service is guaranteed to become the enterprise space of choice where scalability will be the main focus. According to a Stackify’s blog content about Csharp exception handling, operations teams and engineers will be able to focus more on driving the company to the top, while baseline features and infrastructure management and maintenance is handled by another party entirely.

Rising Need for Functional Programming Languages

Considering that modern applications are requiring more storage, processing and bandwidth, it’s clear that single-machine infrastructure models don’t have the scalability needed to match the ever-growing requirements. Application functionality needs to be scalable, and to achieve this, developers need to be productive and capable of handling new technologies.

This has in turn led to a growing need for functional programming languages such a Scala, Haskell, Erlang and Clojure. Functional languages provide great benefits over common object-oriented or imperative programming languages. Users are expecting faster search results. Functional programming is a clear solution.

Learning Development is Getting Easier

Developers today now enjoy the luxury of accessing learning materials right in the palm of their hands. Learning hubs like GitHub offer free access to open source programming projects from different parts of the world. You can also submit your own project and gain helpful insights from the online community of developers.

Considering that developers have to constantly keep up with new updates and developments in the fast-changing industry, learning is part of being a developer. With easy access and availability of developer resources, learning development is getting easier by the day. Consider joining communities like Stack Overflow and ask questions from world-leading experts.

The Latest Version of Javascript

Javascript is the world’s leading and most prevalent and advanced programming language, and the latest version: ECMAScript (ES6) is poised to make one of the biggest splashes in web development. With nearly every mobile device and computer capable of running JavaScript, the new release and its numerous features is set to bring about some massive changes. The latest version is quickly gaining support in some of the popular modern browsers.

Shift Toward Material Design

While flat design has been all the rage in the last few years as a minimalist approach to modern user interface design, material design has been gaining more focus. Over the next few years, we’re likely to see more new UI designs based on material design as software designers continue to adopt responsive design techniques. We should expect to see navigation menus and login screens looking and feeling more familiar to users of all sorts.


With technology evolving at an increasing rate, developers need to equip themselves with new skills to learn new ideas and explore new developments. Keeping up with the latest trends in programming is important even as the development job market grows much faster.


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