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Prominent Features of Apple’s iOS 6

Apple’s new iPhone 5 will run on its new iOS 6 and it will be a free upgrade for iPhones released since 2009, as well as last year’s and this year’s iPad models. It will also work with new iPod Touch devices. We give below some highlights of new iOS 6:


Apple has dispensed with Google’s mapping app in its new iPhone 5 and instead incorporated its own mapping programme, which is built in-house. Apple’s new Maps application will have a voice navigation feature. It will have real-time traffic data and offer alternative routes as traffic conditions change. We’ve built in free turn by turn  directions,’ said Scott Forstall of Apple as he demonstrated the new Apple Maps  app. We use a cinematic camera angle to fly you  around corners.’ The firm also showed off a 3D flyover feature allowing people to virtually fly  over an area, and showed off  the software ‘flying’ over Big Ben in London.


The new software promises better integration with Facebook. The upgrade will enable you to log into Facebook just once, and then you will be able to post to the social network from a variety of apps. You can also post about websites directly from Apple’s Safari browser. Events in Facebook’s calendar and birthdays of Facebook friends will also appear on your phone’s calendar.


Apple’s speech recognition software Siri has been updated to give people sports  scores, and even book restaurants. Siri will now be available in more languages and more countries.


It will allow people to collect store cards, tickets  and other information in a single app.  It can be used to show boarding passes on  planes and for entry to concerts and sports games that support the  codes.  A few Android phones use this technology to process payments with a feature known as Google Wallet.


Apple’s new software will give you more options for preventing messages and text notifications from disturbing you at night. You can control how and when you get back to people. If you can’t call someone back right away, you can set a reminder to call that person back later or have a text message sent directly to the caller. There’s a “call when you leave” feature that reminds you to call back when you are leaving a building or office. The phone can detect when you are leaving.



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