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Quickly Add Electronic Signature To PDF, Microsoft Documents With HelloSign

Sharing contracts, documents, etc. online isn’t new anymore. Physically signing documents is a thing of the past, at-least for me. More and more advertisers working with TechVorm now prefer to get the invoices, contracts, etc. signed and delivered over the email. Moreover, digital documents are far easier to index and keep a track record of instead of bundling sheets of paper in a hard bound folder.

Now, signing documents digitally isn’t as easy as some might think. Yes, Adobe PDF Reader has a way of embedding signature but then again not everyone uses the same software for viewing PDF. Within TechVorm we use different kinds of OS, Windows, Elementary OS, Mac, etc. and not all of them have similar set of software installed. Thus not all of them have access to PDF/Microsoft document signing capabilities. Additionally if you are using the naive way of inserting image of your signature then, well, that’s totally unprofessional.

This is where HelloSign comes into picture. It is a web based document signing service supporting a good number of file formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc. Once logged in, you need to upload the document to sign, an image of signature (or type/draw it in), place the signature at appropriate location and that’s it!

The basic process is as simple as it gets. Heck, even if you are too lazy to upload image from your computer, there’s also an option to capture image from your smartphone and send it to your account directly. What’s interesting is that image of signature is processed to make it look real and blend in with the rest of the document. Neat.

Apart from the core function of signing the documents, HelloSign does a lot more but I’ll keep this article limited to introducing the service itself rather than reviewing its functions, features, etc. It offers paid and free plans wherein the free plan is limited to meager 3 documents per month but good enough for most non-business requirements.

For more about their service visit their website.


  1. Hi there! Jasmine, Senior PR Manager for HelloSign here 🙂 Thanks so much for spreading the word! I wanted to let you know that there’s a difference between “digital” signatures and “electronic” signatures. HelloSign offers “electronic” signatures. Would you be able to change this in the title to represent us correctly? Thanks!


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