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Quiet Balance USSD Blocker Android App Gets Rid Of Carrier Messages

Seen those irritating carrier messages from your mobile service provider updating your with latest balance, sms count left, minutes remaining, etc after each call you make, sms you send? If you do gets these annoying service messages then it must have crossed your mind that there’s got to be a way to get rid of these notifications.

The good news is there’s an android app just for this purpose, to suppress carrier messages, avoid nuisance of pop up messages. Aptly named as Quiet Balance, the app lets you block messages based on defined criteria which can be based on either of the following

  • Substring match – Lets you define a string value, based on which the app blocks matching messages. Those that contain the string are blocked and others are allowed to display.
  • Keywords list – Does the same task as above but herein you have the option of defining a list of string values instead of inputting just a single string. Useful for blocking varying messages.
  • Regular expression – This is the strictest method of blocking carrier message. It needs you to input the exact phrase for which you want to block the message. Entire phrase is checked for, mapped and only matching messages are then blocked. Custom made of those who need to be extra careful about what messages are blocked.

Quiet Balance, USSD blocker android app is one of a kind application which I have been searching for since I moved to a prepaid plan. It was really irritating to get those pop ups each time I sent an sms or made a call. I didn’t want to be notified about my balance each and every time.

What Quiet Balance did was, it gave me a really flexible option to first block the matching string values and then define the frequency of blocking those messages. Thus essentially allowing me to be up-to-date with balance (there are options of allowing message to pass through once a day, once a week, etc) as well as get rid of notifications.

Quiet Balance (Balance Update/USSD Blocker) for Android is available for free of cost in Google Play Store. Get the app now from image link below!



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