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tunein Radio App – Sikh Religious Reciting (Gurbani Kirtan) From Golden Temple Live On iOS

If you want to get solace and listen to live religious recitings from Golden Temple, Amritsar, then you can go to tunein Radio App available on Apple’s iOS. By clicking on this App, you will find Browse section and to reach Religious Reciting section, you should click on language and then to Punjabi language. You will be prompted to two sections – Music and Talk. You should click music and then you will be prompted to four options and you must click Religious option and finally, you will get Live Kirtan Golden Temple, Amritsar.

The beauty of this App is that besides recitings from Golden Temple, one can listen to various Sikh Religious Radio service like Panjabi FM,France, Sikh Radio,India, XL Radio,Canada, Sikhnet Radio – Dukh Niwaran, India etc. There are total 23 Radio stations listed on this App, which are devoted to Sikh Religious recitings.

Besides Sikh religion, there is another section devoted to Hindu religion and you can listen to 15 radio stations devoted to Hindu religious recitings. Prominent Radio stations on this sections are:

  • Radio Sai Global Harmony, India
  • Om Shanti Radio,US
  • Kripalu Bhakti Radio,US etc.

You can reach to this section in the same way as above and only difference is that instead of clicking to Punjabi language, you will have to click to Hindi language and rest of the procedure is same.

Besides above, through this App, you can listen about Christian religions and to various songs in different languages. This App has vast repository of music to cater to all tastes, languages, culture and religions! Download tunein Radio App from image link given below, it’s available for free in App Store!


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