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Rampant Corruption And Negligence, Cause Of Indian Citizen’s Suffering

My heartfelt sympathies to the families who have lost their dear ones and to those who have been injured in bomb blast in new delhi on 7th september. I am outraged when politicians make beeline to see the injured in the hospitals and some spend 50 Seconds at the blast site. Dear Politicians – please stop these crocodile tears and sympathies as ordinary citizens now understand very well how much you care for the lives of them. Before you visit any place there is security cordon and the place is sensitised well in advance so that none of our white clothes attired VIP`S are not troubled by anything. An ordinary citizen would like to ask you one simple question : who is footing bill for your security and other expenses? There is security cover for even an ordinary MP and citizens of the country who are footing your bills at the mercy of the terrrorists. They do not know whether they will return home once they leave their homes. When any tragic event take place, you issue stereotyped and stored statements that guilty will be brought to books which is seldom the case and even if they are caught, you are afraid to punish them.

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All of you are responsible for the mess we are in today. Even thought our Prime Minister is very honest but surprisingly he has shut his eyes and cannot see rampant corruption and scandals after scandals under his nose. I would like to ask a simple question to the honourable Home Minister – why CCTV cameras cannot be installed in the sensitive buildings and markets. We do not have dearth of resources and if looted amount of crores of rupees by politicians and ministers is retrieved then we can even have CCTV cameras at all the places throughout India. But please ensure that there should not be any scam in procurement of CCTV cameras and good quality CCTV cameras should be procured.

Please wake up from your slumber and take corrective measures on war footing and secure our land so that  citizens of this country could do their work with out any fear. Do not wait for next tragedy. You were hooted when you visited the hospital and this is writing on the walls for you. You will be thrown out of power like this if you cannot secure your citizens. Mr. Prime Minister, this may be your last stint as Prime Minister and if you want future generations to remember your name then show statesmanship and root out corruption and give security to ordinary citizens. Tell your cabinet colleagues not to waste time in slanging matches with civil society members, making schemes to downgrade them. Rather address burning issues with guts and political will. Time is running out and ordinary citizen is getting impatient with political class.


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