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Razer Blade: First Impression Of The Thinnest Gaming Laptop

Computer games are now increasingly getting popular because of high-trend of playing games in young generation. These games are being played on computers rather than dedicated video game consoles. Thus, the game developers are developing more interesting and attractive games everyday. For such computer games, hardware compatibility is also essential; that’s why big names not just focus on developing gaming software, but also on the availability of its hardware.


Razer Blade; a True Gamming Laptop:

In recent decades, there has been a big advancement in computer technology, especially in terms of portability. That’s why laptops have become quite known for gaming. The company ‘Razer’, which was producing computer peripherals, has recently made a true gaming laptop, Razer Blade.

Why First Prototype of Razer Failed?

The first prototype of Razer had 17 inches screen. It was thin and of great performance, but was much expensive and with few flaws, and that’s why it didn’t impress people.

Razer Blade – The New Gaming Laptop by Razer:

In 2013, Razer announced its 3rd laptop ‘Razer Blade’, which is 14 inch. It has cool looks and is slimmer than any other ultra book available in the market. Razer Blade has Quad-Core i7 processor along with Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics. It has all-black aluminum body with a matte shell. Its anti-ghosting keyboard is quite comfortable, has better spaced, and more accurate than the previous models. Its screen’s lower-resolution is 1600 x 900.

Remarkable Features of Razer Blade:

Here are few silent features of Razer Blade, which make it a true gamming laptop:

  • Incredible Battery
  • Smallest Power Adapter
  • Sharp Display
  • Fantastic Sound System
  • Boots  in Flash
  • Effective and efficient machinery with no sound

Razer Blade Offers you 7 Hours Battery Timings

One of the main features of any laptop is its battery timing. The Razer Blade has an incredible lithium-ion battery, which is enough power to keep everything running in full speed. Its battery has the capacity to serve users for approx. 7 hours. Even the Razer Blade’s 150-watt power adapter is quite smaller than others, which, also, makes it highly portable.

Enjoy Sharp Images and Clear Sound on Amazing Razer Blade:

Another big reason why Razer Blade has become the preferred choice of users is its 14-inch 1600 x 900 display, capable of facilitating you with sharp images. User can enjoy gaming even in sunlight because of the clarity its display offers to them. Besides this, you can also enjoy clear sound of the device because of the availability of Dolby certified stereo speakers located on the side of its keyboards.

Apart from this, the best part is that this machine takes just 11 seconds to load after hitting the power button, which is quite amazing. Moreover, your device will not heat-up due to its highly efficient fans.

How Much Razer Blade will Cost You?

The price of this Razer Blade is little high, but it is worth it. The 14-inch Blade starts at $1,799 and this model is available with a tiny 128GB solid-state drive, which is good to install only for a handful of games. Razer is asking $1,999 for the model, which is available with a larger 256GB SSD (or $2,299 for 512GB). In nutshell, if you are a gaming lover and do not have this device then you are missing something very important.


Author : John Patrick is the journalist and tech junkie for a leading mobile phones website. You can get the best information on mobile phones from them.



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