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HERE Receives BMW Supplier Innovation Award For Connected Driving

HERE, Nokia company and provider of location and mapping services, has received the BMW Supplier Innovation Award from BMW Group for its work in the area of connected driving.This award is based on Here’s expertise and innovation in the automatic delivery over cellular networks of map updates directly to the car.

Nokia Here

Each year, BMW Group recognizes suppliers which it identifies as key to the implementation of new technologies that improve the driving experience.

HERE company has also claimed that it is present in more than 50 of an estimated 62 new car models being presented at the Paris Motor Show, which will take place from 4th to 10th October this year.

HERE boasts of  mapping to an incredible level of detail and precision, which they believe is necessary as cars become increasingly connected, and driving increasingly automated, during the next few years. As the only dedicated location company with global reach in the market today, HERE is developing powerful services to support multiple global automotive partners in that evolution, says their press statement.

HERE is providing: over-the-air map updates to keep in-car navigation always fresh; local search capabilities to find the nearest parking garages, gas stations, restaurants and other places drivers may want to stop; real-time traffic information to help drivers beat congestion; mobile applications that connect seamlessly to in car systems and offline capabilities so that routing and other services work even when cars aren’t connected, adds the staement.

“We are proud of the work we are doing together with automakers to boost in-car innovation,” said Bruno Bourguet, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at HERE. “As cars get increasingly connected , carmakers not only leverage the world’s most precise map data that we collect, but also our location cloud, providing always fresh and seamless navigation experiences inside and outside of the car.”


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