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Rocket VPN – Free VPN Service Worth Considering [App Review]

Our web activity is on the rise day in day out. Storing documents, streaming music, banking, shopping, etc requires access to internet. And ‘using’ internet involves sending/receiving data to/from a web server located somewhere on this planet. Even though websites are increasingly hardening their communication channels for transmitting data however there’s always something left out for hackers to crack into and steal. This is where a VPN comes into play offering an additional layer of security, manageable at users end.

Rocket VPN Connected

Rocket VPN is one such mobile app which allows you to use VPN on your mobile. What makes Rocket VPN different from the heard is, a) no registration, and b) free plan (ad supported). Keeping your connectivity safe from prying eyes is as easy as installing and tapping on ‘Connect’ button with Rocket VPN. Unlike majority of VPN providers, you aren’t required to sign up before using their services. Moreover the app also offers a built in web browser (Rocket Browser) to quickly do your web activity without leaving the app. Even though the browser isn’t as expansive as Google Chrome in terms of feature offering but it does get the job done nicely.

Rocket VPN Server Locations

In terms of available server locations, the list isn’t comprehensive but it does cover different regions including asia (Singapore), north america (USA), etc. For a casual surfer, anyone of these would do just as well but for those looking to unblock geo locked content availability of servers in USA, UK and Singapore really helps.

All this being said, dns leak is one thing majority of VPN providers (paid and free) suffer from. Leaking DNS essentially means giving away your location. To my surprise, Rocket VPN didn’t leak DNS! A couple of online tests failed to extract my exact location (refer screenshots for results).

All in all Rocket VPN, a product of Liquidum, is a nifty app to keep yourself secure when working online without going through the hassle of regsitration. It works like a breeze straight out of the box and offers a good number of regional servers. The only downside for some could be the 500 MB monthly data transmission limit imposed on free plan but that’s something you can live with especially when browsing through mobile. They do offer unlimited data for 4.99$ per month if you do decide to bump up from free plan.

As of editing this article, Rocket VPN is available only for Android. You can download it for free from Google Play Store – Download Rocket VPN

Some more screenshots…


  1. Although i didn’t experience rocket free vpn but i am waiting for reading review of this provider on other top vpn review websites such as vpnranks.com ….ect.

  2. Rocket free is keeping logs of every user So, I decided to use Ivacy VPN which for online privacy it is for just $66/month with 2 years package.


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