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Sales Cadence: Setting the Stage to Get Great Prospects

When you’re in sales, the first thing you need to find is a prospect. You would next have to prepare to get that prospect to meet with you and listen to what you have to say. The first meeting will be the first step, but understanding what you need to search for in a potential prospect can help you read people better.

This process is what you call a sales cadence, and this article will go through a bit of detail to give you an idea of what it is all about and how it can help in your business.

What Is Sales Cadence Exactly?

The purpose of a cadence is to observe the development and close of a sale. There is no specific definition of what sale cadence is, but one thing is for sure, it is highly effective in correctly qualifying a potential prospect when you do it right.

Steps in Creating a Proper Sales Cadence

Know your customer

There are chances that you have spoken to people who have different types of work, along with having different positions that they are responsible for in the company.

When you get to know who your customer is, your sales cadence may be based on how big their company is, or what type of business they are in with their line of work. You may also categorize sales prospects dependent on what their position is in the company.

Know the best mode of communication

When you know who your ideal customer is, you can also decide on what type of communication will reach out to them. Different positions in the company may require different channels of communication.

When you decide on how you will communicate with your customer, you will know how to best position yourself to get the information that you need to get more information, so that you can initiate a meet.

Know the best time

When you get to know who your customer is, and how to best reach out to them, you also need to know when the best time to contact them is.

When you call within the time that they are rushing in to get to work, trust that your call will go to voicemail. Are you sending out an email when people are supposed to go home from work? Expect that email to get buried with new ones that will arrive till the next day.

It will be a hit and miss experiment, but once you nail down how they can best communicate, you get to play around with your cadence further.

Also, manage how many times you need to contact them. It is not the question of how long in between contact should you do the next one, but how you can get the best retention from the customer.

Think about how they have been interacting with your communication with them. Was the email opened? Are there any notifications that they have read your message? When you get to understand how they engage with you, no matter how small, can get you to tweak your cadence further.

All of these: the profile, communication and time, will tell you further the best way you can position your message. When you pattern your content in a way that the customer will best respond to, you’re on your way on setting up the right cadence that will get you a favorable sale.


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