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Samsung 32 GB microSD UHS-I Card [Review]

Storage is what we crave for. More space for photographs, HD videos, music, games, applications and what not. Every bit of data counts. So here we are sharing a rather short review of my experience using Samsung microSDHC UHS-I 32GB Card, an official Samsung accessory.

Before we go into discussing the performance, let me just brief you out as to what the “SD card Class” means and what do the number imprinted on SD Card indicate. Just hit the toggle below to find out. Those who are aware of it, please skip to the next paragraph.

[toggle title=”Speed Class Rating”]

SD Card Speed ClassClass 2 for SD video recording,

Class 4 and 6 for high-definition video (HD) to Full HD video recording,

Class 10 for Full HD video recording and consecutive recording of HD still’s,

UHS Speed Class 1 for real-time broadcasts and large HD video files

Source – Wikipedia


I’ve been using the 32GB memory card for quite some time now in my Samsung Galaxy S 2. The card in question is capable of UHS-I speeds, Samsung claims Read speed of up-to 70 MB/s and Write speed of up-to 20 MB/s.


First of all, this is a official Samsung 32 GB microSD card originally designed for smartphones and tablets. In actual usage you get approximately 29.88 GB of usable storage.

Samsung 32GB microSD Card UHS

A storage capacity good enough to hold approximately 8000 photos or 8 hours of HD video or 8000 songs (again a Samsung specification, actual numbers may vary).


There’s not much to talk about apart from perform ace. It’s all that matters. I tested the microSDHC UHS-1 capable card using a number of varying External SD Card testing applications and got the following results:

AnTuTu Benchmark

Samsung 32GB microSD Card UHS Benchmark

A1 SD Bench

Samsung 32GB microSD Card UHS Speed Bench

I also did a bunch of manual tests just to compare the performance in daily usage scenario, while transferring files to and from my windows computer. Check out the results below:

  • When transferring a single 700 MB chunk of file:
    • Read – 14.07 MB/s
    • Write – 9.10 MB/s
  • When transferring small chunks of files ~5 MB each:
    • Read – 9.67 MB/s
    • Write – 4.84 MB/s


Samsung has managed to deliver a fast microSDHC Ultra High Speed (UHS-I) card. The packaging says it is capable of delivering Read speed of up-to 70 MB/s and Write speed of up-to 20 MB/s but I was to get at best 15 MB/s read speed and 13.7 MB/s write speed. This maybe because of UHS support provided by hardware and/or software but the performance isn’t bad at all.

Loading up movies and music on the card will be easy and quick. Recording Full HD video’s and clicking high resolution photos won’t be a problem.

It costs approximately $54 and you can buy the Samsung 32GB UHS-1 Grade 1 MicroSDHC and other memory cards direclty from MobileFun – Visit To Buy Now


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