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Samsung Announces Omnia M To Counter Lumia 610

Samsung has already surpassed Nokia in volume game and is still not taking any chances to allow Nokia to get hold of any segment of handset market. To counter soon to be launched Nokia Lumia 610, Samsung has announced its Windows based smartphone – Omnia M, which is expected to carry price almost same price tag of approx. Rs. 10,500 of Lumia 610.

Samsung has played master stroke by providing better features in Omnia M compared to Lumia 610. While Nokia 610 has an 800 MHz processor coupled with 256 MB RAM and a 3.7″ inch screen, Omnia M comes with 1 Ghz processor coupled with 384 MB RAM and a bigger 4″ inch screen. While both the phones come with 5 megapixel camera, Omnia M has an additional front facing VGA camera for video chat and a bigger 1500 mAH battery unit compared to 1300 mAH of Lumia 610.

However, there is one significant difference between Lumia 610 and Omni M in storage capacity. Lumia 610 has storage capacity of 8 GB while Omni M has 4 GB. Another plus point for Nokia handset is its suite of applications like maps, exclusive apps, music service etc. However, Samsung Omnia M has also some exclusive features like ChatOn messenger, Samsung AllShare with which you can play films, games, or any other media directly on a TV, Music Hub which offers a Smart DJ feature which automatically generates playlists to suit your mood. Also the Windows Live SkyDrive of Omnia M offers 25 GB of free online storage for anytime access, storage and sharing of photos, videos, Office documents, and notes.

Samsung has not announced exact date of launch of its Omnia M handset, but it is expected that first, they will ship to Europe and then to the rest of the world. Nokia will face stiff competition from Samsung for its Lumia 610. Samsung will encash on its popularity and aggressive marketing strategies and will make life of Lumia 610 extremely difficult with its Omnia M.


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