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Angry Birds Maker Rovio’s Next Game Will Be ‘Amazing Alex’

After Rovio’s record breaking success with the Angry Birds franchise, it is all set to launch a new game, Amazing Alex, a physics-related puzzle game. The announcement came from company CEO Mikael Hed while being interviewed on a breakfast Finnish television show. The news has appeared just days after Rovio announced that Angry Birds has reached one billion downloads since its launch.

Talking about the game, Hed said “The quality pressure is high. We want to maintain the high standard Angry Birds fans have come to enjoy”. He also added that the game will feature an educational element revolving around the main character Alex, who is portrayed as a curious young boy with a passion to build things.

Rovio purchased the original IP for the game Casey’s Contraptions developed by Mystery Coconut and Snappy Touch. The game is expected to first debut for iOS and Android devices and later extend to other platforms.

Reports suggest that the game will be out in July. Rovio is very much excited about launching its new game on close heels of its immense popular Angry Bird game, which has created history by maximum number of downloads. Rovio wants to capitalise on its mass popularity and wants to introduce new game to encash its brand equity of mobile games. There is no doubt that games lovers will not disappoint Rovio and may break record of its Angry Birds by downloading it in quick times.


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