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Samsung Bags Largest Number Of Awards At IDEA 2015


Samsung Electronics have announced today that they have bagged eight awards at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2015, one of the world’s most prestigious design competitions. These awards include one gold, three silver and four bronze.

Founded in 1980 and organized by the Industrial Designers Society of America, IDEA is one of the most influential design competitions recognizing creative and innovative designs.

According to Samsung, they have won awards in various categories ranging from home appliances to mobile phone accessories, such as the virtual reality headset – the Gear VR. Other winners include a dishwasher with a new water spraying mechanism, and the LED Flip Wallet. All of these products showcase an innovative aspect of Samsung’s business.

Samsung has won gold award for NX mini, which is a mirrorless camera with exchangeable lenses. It is 22.5mm thick and weighs 158g. By reinterpreting the essence of traditional cameras via a contemporary perspective, the NX mini shows a simple, classic design that is timeless.

The following Samsung products won silver awards:

WaterWall Dishwasher – It features an effective spray bar that achieves corner to corner coverage of dishes inside in a way that rotary bars cannot. By introducing Flextray, a removable rubber pad where silverware and cooking utensils can be laid out flat and easily washed. The rubber pad can then be easily removed to move all of the silverware after the wash.

LED Flip Wallet – The world’s first smartphone cover that displays information and messages from a smartphone with its LED display.

Digital Appliance Design Philosophy Framework – A sentimental and relatable story that can be understood by anyone via familiar media, such as videos and books. It is used to promote the design direction of Samsung home appliances.

The following four products received bronze awards:

  • Gear VR – A virtual reality (VR) wearable device coupled with Samsung’s latest smartphone can be easily controlled by a touch pad. The ergonomic design allow users to enjoy the device comfortably anytime, anywhere.
  • Wireless Audio – 360 portable – It delivers sound in all directions consistently thanks to its streamlined shape that also seamlessly blends with its surroundings.
  • Personal Cooler – A portable personal cooler that is easy to move thanks to its handle. It does not require an outdoor unit to operate.
  • Hotblast Microwave oven – The black frontal glass with a slim bezel, wide door and flushed handle make a luxurious exterior.

In addition, 31 other Samsung products made it to the finalist.


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