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Samsung HM1700 Bluetooth Mono Headset [Review]

Bluetooth headsets are available in abundant. Some are cheap, some are expensive. Some allow A2DP connection whereas others are good enough for making and receiving phone calls. The variations are many. There’s an official Samsung Accessory viz. HM1700 Bluetooth Mono Headset which serves all your purpose. I have used Plantronics bluetooth headset earlier and wasn’t really satisfied with it. Being an in-house product from Samsung, I expect HM1700 Bluetooth Headset to deliver quality performance. Lets get started with review.

HM1700 Bluetooth Headset


The headset in itself is sturdy. It’s the ear-loop which is clunky and feels fragile. This being said, the ear loop does indeed wrap around the ear nicely. It is flexible and adjusts to ears of dimensions.

Earpiece is well built and fits snuggingly well. They cover up the ear canal sufficient enough to deliver great sound quality and mediocre bass, treble level (Yeah, Mono Headset does this!).

The only downside is the lack ear loop swivel. You have to pull out the detachable ear loop, twist it and put it back on whenever you need to switch the ear for using this headset. Constant removal might loosen up the ear loop but worry not, Samsung has supplied an extra ear loop, just in case.

Another small enhancement which comes with package is ear-piece cushion, the usage of which is sort of wayward. It replaces the ear-piece cover and is mean to be used without the need of ear hook. Sounds good but I wasn’t able to use it properly, it was too uncomfortable to use.

HM1700 Bluetooth Headset Rear

Stand By And Battery Performance

A good battery backup is really important if you are into lot of calling. Samsung HM1700 Mono Headset promises to deliver up-to 7-8 hours of talk time (play time, audio streaming). With a charge of 1.5 hours, I was able to use it for 9 hours (approximately), really good figure in my opinion.

And just to let you know, these 9 hours included around 2 hours of talk time (voice calling), 3 hours of audio streaming and rest of period ,it remained just connected with mobile phone.

Sound Quality

The audio aspect of Samsung HM1700 Mono Headset is truly commendable. Audio quality while calling was crystal clear, no hissing noises, no disturbances of any sort. Add to this, exceptionally great sound when streaming music to headset.

Although, bluetooth headsets aren’t expected to deliver rich bass, treble, pitch, etc but with HM1700 you do get some level of bass and treble. A great plus point. As a matter of fact, this made me stay away from my regular Sony In-ear headphones when I needed to hear music in short burst and/or watch videos on Youtube.

Wrapping It Up

Samsung HM1700 Bluetooth Headset is a value for money product. It’s a genuine Samsung accessory, has great battery life, supports music streaming with good sound quality and is comfortable for prolonged use. The only hitch is lack of swivel which isn’t really a deal breaker but you should know about it.

Another small feature I wanted to share is the presence of useful voice commands, there aren’t many but the most useful one is voice prompt when you receive a call. It duly prompts the user that there’s an incoming call despite of fact that the phone is in silent mode, vibration mode or sound mode. Worthy inclusion and indeed useful.

You can buy Samsung HM1700 Bluetooth Mono Headset for $31.99 from Mobilefun portal – Click Here To Buy Now.

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