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Samsung Introduces World’s First Curved UHD TV In India

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has launched today its Curved TV range in India, which includes world’s first Curved UHD TV. As per Samsung,”Curved TV is the next phase in the evolution of the home viewing experience; with the revolutionary technology, bringing images to life like never before with a deeper sense of depth, wider viewing angles and a clearer picture quality with higher contrast levels creating a more immersive viewing experience”.

DSC_0095Samsung TVs come with four times the resolution and pixels of Full HD, and these Curved UHD TVs provide unsurpassed picture quality. The experience looks spectacular in crisp 4K resolution on Samsung Curved UHD TVs. The proprietary technology converts Full HD, HD and lower resolution sources to nearly-UHD clarity through a unique four-step process that includes signal analysis, noise reduction, up scaling and detail analysis.
Samsung’s UHD TV’s support today’s standards — HEVC, HDMI 2.0, MHL 3.0 and HDCP 2.2; and also are future-ready, thanks to the Samsung UHD Evolution Kit. The One Connect Box essentially houses the brains of the TV externally, enabling customers to switch out the box with the latest Samsung UHD Evolution Kit to stay up to date on the latest UHD standards, as well as get access to the newest technology Samsung has to offer, to help customers protect their investment for many years to come.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. S.K. Kim, Managing Director, Sales at Samsung India said, “In 2014, Samsung is opening a new era of Curved TV with the ultimate immersive viewing experience. With the launch of world’s first Curved UHD TV, Samsung is blending its innovative Curved form factor with its UHD TV technology. With this launch, we are further augmenting our robust product portfolio in the home entertainment segment.”

Samsung has announced the following TV’s for 2014:

Samsung’s 105 Curved UHD TV – This TV with screen of 105 provide the ultimate cinema-quality experience with a cinematic 21 : 9 aspect ratio. This UHD TV boasts a spectacular display with 11 million pixels. The Samsung’s 105 Curved UHD TV will be available in the second half of the year.

Samsung’s HU9000 Curved UHD TV – comes with exclusive technology that delivers incredible life-like UHD 4K picture quality on a cutting-edge curved screen.The immersive experience is augmented by Samsung’s proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer, an algorithm that analyzes regions of images and automatically adjusts contrast for a greater sense of depth — it’s like 3D without the glasses. This TV will be available in a 65 for INR 4, 49,900 and 55 for INR 3, 29,900.

Samsung’s H8000 Curved Smart LED TV – This Curved LED TV has wider field of view, stunning picture quality and breakthrough motion blur reduction technology, giving sports fans, music lovers, and gamers the uninterrupted, immersive experience. The H8000 Series will come in a 65 model for INR 3, 85,900, 55 model for INR 2, 51,900 and 48 model for INR 1, 62,900.

Samsung’s HU8500 UHD TV (flat) –  delivers life-like UHD picture quality and is packed with exceptional Smart TV capabilities. With Samsung’s proprietary UHD Dimming, the Samsung HU8500 adjusts brightness to deliver deeper blacks and brighter whites producing a crystal clear picture experience. The Samsung HU8500 UHD TV will be available in a 65 for INR 4, 09,900 and 55 model for INR 2, 93,900.

Samsung HU7000 in 40 will be available for INR 1, 04,900.



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