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Samsung USB Connector – Micro USB To USB Converter [Review]

Music, Images, Videos, Games and what not. Everything requires storage space. Some require in MB’s while other may demand GB’s of free space (take some, any racing game as an example). Although Samsung has been pepping up the inbuilt storage capacity with it’s newer Galaxy series devices. But there’s never too much. To combat this ever increasing need for more storage space, Samsung has a dedicated accessory (Read Official Accessory) viz. Micro USB To USB Converter.

Samsung Official Micro USB Converter

The purpose of this nifty accessory is as simple as it gets. One end of the cable has a micro USB which connects with supported Samsung Galaxy smartphone (Galaxy S 3, Galaxy S 2, Galaxy Note) and the other end of the cable lets the user attach a USB device be it a pen drive, portable flash drive, etc. Once connected, it allows you to transfer the contents of connected USB device to your mobile phone and vice-versa. This essentially provides you access to your portable storage on the go without the requirement of any computer!

Samsung Official USB Converter Connected

Coming to its usability part, being an official accessory from Samsung the USB Connector is automatically detected by supported devices once connected. No configurations needed, no settings to be changed. It’s all plug n play. The connected USB device is then accessible right from File Manager from where you can perform majority of basic file functions (cut, copy, paste, etc). I have demoed the same in a small video as shown below.

I find Samsung USB Converter useful since there are times when I forget to carry around pen drive in college and have to get the data, then instead of going all the way down to lab, going online and uploading the data to my Google Drive, I can just plug in the USB pen drive (borrowed from someone) to this converter, transfer the data to my Samsung Galaxy S II. There can be many such similar uses. To sum it up, I consider this one of the better samsung accessories worth investing in.

You can buy Samsung USB Connector – Micro USB To USB Converter for $22.99 directly from Mobilefun.co.uk online portal.


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