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Search For DoFollow Blogs On Google

Commenting on Do Follow Blogs is a common practice for those bloggers who want to build a huge backlink base to support their blogs. Well to enlighten the readers, Do Follow is simply an internet slang term given to web pages or sites that tells search engines to pass on credibility or influence to an outbound link.  That means if you comment on a DoFollow blog and your comment gets authenticated with your link then you get a backlink to your site.

Do Follow search

Well it is hard to find blogs that are Do Follow and if you try to find it on every particular blog then its a very complex and lengthy  process. So i am sharing with you a simple way that will get you a Do Follow blog list just by Googling.  Just use the link below

Do Follow Blog Search

You will get a  Google custom search page specially made to find out Do Follow blog lists. Just enter your relevant niche and get your desired results. Please share your experiences with us.


  1. I am impressed. This is a informative blog on DoFollow Blogs. You obviously know what your subject matter! I studied it with great interest and look forward to the next updates.
    please give me more information on DoFollow Blogs as soon as possible.
    Thank You

  2. Great, now I can leave some insightful comments while getting rewarded myself. I really think the blogger world should start embracing the dofollow attribute. Instead of applying nofollow on everything, bloggers should allow others to benefit while at the same time benefiting themselves through quality comments.

  3. maybe make that image a link to the search… and not a page of the .png file.

    …just a thought. good info though thanks.

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  5. Thank for you post this blog. You have done a great job, keep doing it for to help, people like me.I think that share the search engine of your success.

  6. Really happy to find this post. I am looking for dofollow blogs for some commenting too. I hope this article will help me out. Thanks for your time 🙂

  7. a little update to ur post, when I searched for websites in technology in that search the first result that I got, is “external nofollow” comments. Same goes when I search for wordpress related blogs. I think this custom search has soem deficiencies. FYI

  8. This is my first visit to your blog. Came here via twitter. I thought it will be good if i leave my first comment here. Thank you for the link.

  9. @sani The link mentioned above does not give you a list of Do-follow blogs. It in-fact allows you to search the Do-Follow blogs ! I hope you understand the difference.

  10. Do follow is really helpful for bloggers. Thanks for sharing link .
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  11. Cool, that’s a great link. Your blog is much better than what I imagined, keep rocking.
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