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Seeing More Of The World With SeeU

SeeU is a contact based chat client app which helps friends stay in touch. Unlike other social apps, this app comes with loads of other interesting features. Few include notification about your friends’ activities or presence in your area, notifications about events happening in your area, synchronizing these events with your calendar and a lot more.

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The home screen of this app is catchy with an eye-pleasing photographic slide show.

The registration process is absolutely simple. The user has to share his/her name, e-mail ID and password. This will be followed by an e-mail verification process. Once that’s done, you’re all set to use the app.

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As soon as you login for the first time, you’ll be asked for your interests on different topics like Sport, Music, New Technologies, Business & Finance and so on to tailor your experience. I would say this is quite an addition for a chat client.

There’s absolutely no chance for a user to get lost during registration/login process or while using the app. The app comes with a beautiful tutorial to take them through the process. This is something which is missing in almost all the chat apps that are designed at this time.

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Adding your friends is very simple. All you need to do is click on ‘Add new contact’ and all the folks in your contacts using SeeU will be shown to you. You can also invite your friends to the join the app by clicking their names and then followed by clicking on ‘Invite SeeU’ button. The unique thing about SeeU is you can select ‘Observed’ button for few of your contacts, to get notifications if they come across your location. However this option only works, if the friend you want to observe has kept his/her GPS on and have given access to their SeeU app. You can also disable this request, if you don’t want to be stalked by your friends.

Here comes the most interesting part- a user can find the events happening in his/her area by clicking on the events button on the menu. The user is also allowed to create events and invite their friends. This operates quite similar to ‘Facebook Events’ and is an exciting addition to a mobile chat client.

My experience with SeeU so far has been absolutely amazing. The app is extra ordinarily user friendly, pleasing to use and comes with quite a lot of unique options for a mobile chat client. The best part is completely free of cost. So it’s a quite an alternative if you are not a big fan of chat clients like Whatsapp, WeChat or Line.

You can download the app here – Apple Store, Google Play Store and Windows store


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