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SEO In Blogging

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most important thing you got to do in order to make your blog achieve high page rank and appear on first page in google


. When i started blogging, i knew nothing about search engine optimization and the importance of being listed on the first page of google ( i know its dumb, but if you have read in About Us section, i am a commerce background ), however with the passage of time and excessive use of twitter, i realized how important SEO and the amount of traffic ( and money ) it can generate for a blog. I did many google search’s and asked twitter friends, and i came to conclusion that SEO requires money to be spent and is not a child’s play especially for those who know nothing about SEO. Now, if you have done some research work, you very well would be knowing that there are plenty of blog owners that promise to do SEO for you blog(s)/Site’s at great offers. However, there are few that actually do SEO with noticeable results. One of them is Top Click Media.

As per their About Us section,

Top Click Media is an Internet Marketing company based in the UK. We take pride in playing a role in helping other businesses establish a strong Internet presence, whether via Pay Per Click Marketing orSearch Engine Optimisation and we take satisfaction in watching them grow and find success.

Top Click Media offer sophisticated search engine optimisation, which can help to increase your natural ranking and boost your traffic volumes. Although i havent personally tried there services, however those who have had an experience with them, have given a positive review. You can try out optimisation for search engines for your blog(s)/Site(s)  from them.

And let us know how you rate them.


  1. I dont know what the exact situation was but i dont see a point why Google must have banned the url besides it being a spam. It does not matter whether the link is submitted by site owner or a professional SEO. Btw, i would love to know what happened exactly 🙂

  2. I remember reading an article that there have been cases where Google banned the particular URL, after it was submitted by a professional SEO
    Hence, it was suggested that SEO be done by the blog owner itself


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