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ShaPlus Mobile Info: Trace Location (Region/State) Of Any Mobile Number In India (Mobile App)

In one of my previous article I share a website to find out the originating location of any mobile number of India. However, some users experienced difficulties in using the service and some said the database was old and didn’t support new line of mobile phone numbers. In this article, I’ll be sharing a nifty java application that does the same task of locating/tracing any mobile phone number of India directly from your mobile phone without even visitng any website or even being online for doing so!

ShaPlus Mobile Info is a mobile application which allows you to find out the Region/State and the operator of any mobile number by just entering the first 4 or 5 digits of any mobile number. And all this is provided FREE of cost! Moreover you can also search for the originating region/state of any mobile number directly from your mobile phonebook at the touch of a button. The only missing feature from this useful application is the ability to search for the numbers directly from the call log (received calls specially).

So from now on get the info about any missed call or suspicious caller using ShaPlus Mobile Info and be safe 🙂 ShaPlus Mobile Info has a very very small installation size taking up just 24KB and can be installed on all the mobile phone’s that support installation of Java applications (also supports Windows Mobile). You can download it directly from ShaPlus Mobile Info website or directly on your mobile phone by entering m.shaplus.com in your mobile phone’s default web browser.

NOTE: This application only tells you the originating state/region of any mobile phone number and NOT the current location of the number.


  1. hey not getting the current location :\ I mean the service provider is ok but please I need the current location :'(


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