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SMS Pop Up: View Pop Up For New SMS Received

Previously i shared a similar SMS preview’ing application by the name of SMS Preview. If you didn’t try that mobile application then you can read more about it from the following link:

SmsPreview: Preview Incoming SMS Without Opening Inbox (Available For Symbian OS 9.1+)

Coming back to this application, SMS Pop Up does almost the same function as served by SMS Preview, only difference is the way preview of incoming sms is shown on the mobile phone screen. SMS Pop Up, a product of MIGITAL, is a paid mobile application (trial available for 3 days) which displays a preview (infact the entire sms) without even opening the SMS Inbox to read the newly received sms!

SMS Pop Review

SMS Pop Up has a installation size of 700+ KB (kinda big considering it does only one function of showing sms preview). The user interface is clean showing all the details on the homescreen itself. As far as configuration is concerned, it allows you to change only 2 settings viz. Ability to auto start application and Auto Hide. I, personally, didn’t like SMS Preview because it didn’t allow me to set the sms preview of a duration longer than 60 seconds and that’s why i tried SMS Pop Up. Though, SMS Pop Up shows the preview on full screen along with the options to Reply, Forward, Call the sender but has tacky colour scheme which becomes an eye soar soon after using it. Besides the colours, i would have appreciated if there was an option to set the duration of sms preview. All in all, i will recommend this application and improvements in the above mentioned area’s will certainly make it a “must have” application!

The latest trial version of SMS Pop Up can be downloaded from the official site of migital.


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