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SMS Recharge, Schedule Recharge Using Mobikwik: Free Yourself From Local Dealers!

Previously I shared a website with the name Rechargeguru using which online recharges of various mobile service providers was possible. Though I have been satisfied with their service as well as the availability of plenty of recharge options, however the lacked option to recharge any mobile number at any time of the day i.e They did manual recharges and hence recharge was possible only during a particular time of the day (10.00 a.m – 8.00 p.m (IST), Monday to Saturday). This was a major restriction for someone like me who (doesn’t keep track of available balance ;)) needs to get recharges at odd timings. Anyhow, I found yet another website for online mobile recharge viz. Mobikwik. As the name aptly suggests, it allows you to get mobile (Mobi) recharges done quickly (Kwik) and at any time of the day!

Mobikwik Review

Supported Operators

As I mentioned above, my main aim was to get recharges done at any time of the day, which Mobikwik delivers without any fail. Their website is neatly organized showing the special recharge options available for different operators in various circles (states), allowing you to easily go through all the recharge options before getting your mobile recharged. Moreover, if you need to recharge your mobile with any custom amount, that too can be done directly from the home page!

Before going through the simple process of recharging your mobile, you need to sign up for an account at Mobikwik (done by sending an sms to your mobile number). Upon doing so all you need to do is either key in the custom recharge amount and click on “Recharge this amount” or choose from the available special recharge options and follow the easy instructions to get the recharge done. Other than recharging your mobile using the web interface, the following options as available as well to make this job even easier:

  • SMS Recharge – Allows you to recharge any prepaid mobile phone number by just sending an sms! No need to log on to Mobikwik’s website.
  • Dial Recharge – Allows you to recharge any prepaid mobile phone number by just dialing a phone number and following the IVR instructions! (I prefer SMS recharge).
  • Schedule Recharge – Allows you to recharge any given mobile number at a future date automatically! You don’t have to send sms or call any number, everything is automated!

Note: All the above mentioned recharge options need you to have sufficient mobikwik balance (i.e Virtual wallet maintained by Mobikwik).

Payment Modes - Lot many options!

All in all I found Mobikwik to be a worthy site for getting online recharges done without incurring high “Internet Fees” or any other extra expenses. Though, I would have loved to see an option for mobile phone comparison from different operators just to see which one is better. Anyway, the number of payment options it provides (Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, Cash Card, Paypal, Cash and Cheque) along with the service providers supported (Vodafone,Reliance, Tata Indicom, Tata Docomo, Idea, BSNL, MTNL, Virgin Mobile, Aircel, etc) (NO Airtel :() prove to be a good combination for any mobile phone user for getting recharges done online rather than visiting a local dealer and wasting time inquiring about latest schemes, etc.

The 2 things that I didn’t like about Mobikwik were: 1. The customer support, which does reply to your queries but it takes them few days to do so (For me it took 3 days on an average to get reply). 2. They have been operators like Airtel on their homepage which aren’t even supported. This gives a wrong impression on the person visiting their website who is interested in getting recharge done but later on finds out that the operator isn’t supported. Happened with me.

You can give services of Mobikwik a try and/or share your experience with them.


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