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SmsPreview: Preview Incoming SMS Without Opening Inbox (Available For Symbian OS 9.1+)

The volume of sms’s you send/receive is growing day by when besides regular sms’ing, ability to post your updates via sms has also become possible. All those who agree with me, must also be aware of the fact that how much annoying is it when in the midst of doing some important work on your mobile phone an sms is received, to view which you exit/minimize the running app and the sms turns out to be a spam sms.

Preview of an sms shown while running Gravity

SmsPreview is one such nifty utility which addresses this particular problem and allows you to read your sms without closing/minimising any running application on your smart-phone. SmsPreview, as the name suggests, is available for Symbian OS 9.1+ running phones which shows a preview of the sms received on top of any application you are running for a fixed duration of time. It does nothing more and nothing less, sticks to its task and does it beautifully. The configuration’s it provides viz. Preview Duration and Check For Updates, are basic and enough for a small application like this. All in all, i liked this application and it has been installed on my Nokia 5230 as well as Nokia 5800 since the time i came to know about it. However, following are few area’s i believe some improvements are possible:

  • Ability to set duration to infinite (close on tapping the preview).
  • Correct preview display in portrait mode on Nokia 5230.
Settings Screen In SmsPreview

You can download the application from Handango or Ovi Store or directly from mobile device by typing get.numosms.com in your mobile phone’s native web browser.

NOTE: Though SmsPreview is advertised as a Free application however, before you can start using it, the application sends an sms (Costs INR 5 for Airtel users) to it’s server in order to register your mobile device. And though there is no official list of suported devices (just says available for symbian OS 9.1+) but it will run easily on Nokia 5800, 5230, 5233, N97 mini, X6, C6, N8, 5530, E63, E72, E90, N95, N82, N81, 5700, 5730 XpressMusic, N79, N96, a E52, E75, 5320 XpressMusic, Sony Ericsson P1, 5235 and more…



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