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DivX Mobile Video Player For Nokia S60V5 (Nokia 5800, 5230, X6, N97, C6, etc)

After a long wait DivX for Nokia S60V5 (DivX certified devices don’t come with great mobile phone deals) has been released by Divx labs as a beta. An upgrade from previous version 0.94, this release supports Nokia Touch Phones (i.e running S60V5) and servers as the only application besides SmartMovie to be able to run .avi files on Nokia’s processor.


I have been waiting for this mobile application for a long time now because of the fact that DivX is free and a trusted maker. Installing the application is easy, no additional components are required and it takes up approximately 740KB space. Upon starting DivX Mobile Player all the video file’s are searched for and listed along with the thumbnails. I was able to play the demo video files smoothly on Nokia 5230 and 5800 but once i tried to play my own video file (.avi) only the sound played for some video’s and for other’s the video lagged. In short no success in using DivX mobile player. However, all the video’s with a bit rate of less than 600 KBps seemed to play fine with an occasional lag (when i received an sms/email in background). As far as ability to configure this application, everything is basic viz. Sort List, Play Mode, Resume Option and Re-size. Pretty much basic stuff nothing hardcore. All in all, since this is still in beta phase, i think a better utilisation of Mobile phone’s processor as done by SmartMovie can make this application a replacement of Nokia’s default RealPlayer!

Settings Screen

However, as of now, it isn’t much of use as my purpose of playing video’s without converting into a lower bit rate video is defeated. Moreover, some of the other problems i found with this application are:

  • The User Interface behaves like keypad input system i.e for every touch interaction you will have to use context menu instead of just tapping the option.
  • Is not able to generate thumbnail’s, all it shows is black screen.
  • Symbian 5th edition running mobile phone with processor of 434 mhz aren’t able to run video’s of over 600 KBps which is not understandable.

You can download the latest version of DivX Mobile Player from DivX Mobile Lab.


  1. Td bem Rodrigo?entao cara, eu baixei o aruviqo pro meu nokia e71 mas nao consigo assistir a nenhum filme nele instalei na memoria do celular, sera q se eu instalar no carta de memoria pode mudar alguma coisa??thanks pela atene7ao .obs:c vc puder responder no meu e-mail eu ficaria muito grato .


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