In Part Three of this series of articles highlighting inputs from JustFly we take a look at how social apps are changing travel domain. Previous discussions were on Travel Apps, and Travel Accessories.

Travel has been revolutionized by social media. Whether it’s on the promotional side, the ability to share updates with family and friends, or simply make people laugh at your silly videos, socially sharing your adventures has simply become part of the experience of being on vacation for most. While everyone is aware of these apps, they offer different experiences and match up nicely with certain personality types. In order to figure out which social network works the best while on vacation I was given some useful advice by JustFly, an online travel company. They offered some useful input on how to best use social media while on vacation.



The simplest of the platforms according to JustFly’s review, Facebook is the place your mom will bomb you with messages letting you know that she successfully walked 20 feet without encountering trouble. While posting photos is possible, JustFly found that many people simply use Facebook as any easy way to communicate with friends and family due to network constrictions in foreign countries. That means that wifi zone at your hotel is a safe place for Facebooking back home.


For the amateur photographer, Instagram is king. While the act of taking a camera on vacation, developing film, and showing them off at home is long gone, Instagram is the new place to show off your adventures in real time. While lesser known, Instagram also allows chatting, giving you a chance to combine your photography adventures with a simple chatting client.


An app that has seen a renaissance in the last few months, Snapchat is the app for the crazy friend in your group who wants to bombard you with silly snaps as they happen. Of course, you’ll want to be in a wifi zone as sending video after video can be taxing on your data plan, especially if you are roaming.


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