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Soft-Tec Wallet For Apple iPad – Premium Design Coupled With Strong Tensile Strength [Review]

Buying iPad is one thing and protecting it is another especially if it is as intelligently designed as an Apple iPad. The question then arises how do we do that? There are numerous iPad cases available in the market that offer protection against drops, dust, etc but majority of them fall behind in terms of design language, sacrificing overall appearance in the process. Products of Elements Cases is a different story altogether, they try to blend in appearance with utility. Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPad 4/3/2 is one of their latest offering falling in their recently launched Soft-Tec Line. Courtesy Element Case Inc. I’ve received Soft-Tec Wallet – Apple iPad 4 case for review.

Soft Tech Wallet Case iPad Exterior 1

Talking from purely design perspective, the interior of the case is lined with plush synthetic suede accompanied by a high impact polycarbonate shell coated in a black rubber tone satin finish responsible for holding the iPad in the case. On the exterior, Element Case has taken care of maintaining the premium look and finish by providing a textured, grip-friendly Tech Grip non-slip synthetic coating material in order to ensure a firm grip of case.

Soft Tech Wallet Case iPad Exterior 3

Now about the usage of case. To begin with, Apple iOS has a very nifty software functionality which allows the device to recognize supported cases and put the iPad to sleep whenever the cover is closed. Thankfully the case in discussion does support the same, it recognizes Apple’s auto sleep feature, close the cover and iPad goes the sleep, open the case cover and iPad wakes up again! Not a big inclusion but it can be a great battery saver.

The most appealing feature has got to be its ability to keep the iPad at any angle possible. I have been using it for more than a week now and one thing I have noticed is that the Soft-Tec Wallet case gave me a great deal of flexibility when it came to using the iPad for either watching video or replying to an email, I could easily use the iPad at any viewing angle I wanted it to. And not to forget this is possible because of the inter coating of synthetic suede material.

One thing I was concerned about was the ability of the case to hold my iPad because it didn’t have any closed internal casing of iPad similar to TabletWear or Cygnett cases instead it has a polycarbonate shell with openings for camera lens, speaker grill, lock button, USB connector, headphone jack and side buttons. However my concern didn’t hold true the moment I tried to snug in my iPad into the shell. It was tough job getting iPad into the shell and a difficult proposition to get iPad out of it (for obvious reasons I didn’t perform a drop test on hard floor ;)).

Soft Tech Wallet Case iPad Shell

Soft-Tec Wallet Case for Ipad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 costs $69.95 and considering the premium design it offers along with protection against accidental drops, scratches, etc as well as ability to hold the iPad at virtually any angle required, I would recommend it to every iPad user. You can buy it directly from Element Case website – Soft-Tec Wallet – Apple iPad 4

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