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Solution To Images/Videos Not Displayed Properly [Or Not Appearing] In Nokia Mobile

There are times when your Nokia mobile phone (or Samsung, Sony Ericsson, any other device) doesn’t refresh images album and/or music album Or doesn’t show all the image/video files in the album. And whenever such a problem occurs, the first thing you do is Restart your mobile phone and if that doesn’t work then Format the phone entirely. Right?

Well, i too did the same and each time my problem was solved after formatting my Nokia device until recently i found a workaround to get rid of this problem without taking the painfully time-taking method of formatting my Nokia mobile phone altogether. But before, you follow my method, i want you to first try the following remedies:

  • Switch off your mobile phone, take out the battery and memory card for a minute. And then switch it on (after putting everything back).
  • Delete big image files (after taking a backup) i.e greater than 2 MB.

If the above mentioned points work out for you, then well and good otherwise, keep reading and following the steps as given below:

  1. Make sure you can view the hidden files on your computer.
  2. Connect your mobile phone with your computer in “Mass Media” mode.
  3. Visit the folder where you keep your images (Usually “Images” folder in Nokia).
  4. In this folder you will see a folder with the name “_PAlbTN” (“_PAlbTN” keep all the thumbnails of the images that you view on your Nokia mobile phone).
  5. Delete the “_PAlbTN” folder (Yes, the entire folder).
  6. After deleting the folder, safely eject the phone and Restart it.

[Follow the above mentioned steps for rectifying the Video display error. Just visit the video folder instead of images folder]

That’s it! Now, open the images (the first time, it’ll take some time) and/or video files. All the images should not be displayed properly.

NOTE: I have tested this method on my Nokia 5230, Nokia 5800 and N97 mini. I have been able to solve the problem almost every-time without any hassle. I therefore believe, it will work for almost every Nokia phone (Be it s60v5, s60v3 or other old symbian running models).


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