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RockeTalk: Mobile Communities, Free Downloads, Free IM On Your Mobile

Passing time on your smart phone can be an easy task with the availability of social networking applications like Facebook, Gravity, etc. Rocketalk is one such mobile phone application that makes this task even more easy! Rocketalk is a mobile community, independent of other’s like facebook, orkut, myspace, etc and a totally new experience altogether. The best part is, you can take part in its community while on the move i.e from your mobile phone itself!

Mobile Application Review

Rocketalk has a bright and glossy User Interface which makes it attractive but unfortunately i prefer easy on eyes UI (personal choice though). Login/Sign-up is pretty easy and become less tussle with “Remember Me” option. The home screen has various icons viz. What’s Hot (Shows the latest multimedia content), My Page (Details of your profile are shown), Inbox (Carries all the community sent messages), Gallery (Displays all the multimedia content available with an option to search), Friends (Shows list of all the friends you have made on Rocketalk community itself), Search Friends, Communities (The best and most interactive part of Rocketalk mobile application. You can join existing communities based on your taste and preference or can create new one’s!) and the last one is Fun Zone (Basically a chargeable zone (no fun in it). It is powered by Indiatimes mobile content ranging from tones, images to games, etc. Every item in this zone is paid and you need to careful while browsing through this zone).

As i mentioned above, Rocketalk has a nice UI, it also is easily navigable. Meaning, except for the home screen, all the other views have a bar right on the top which allows you to switch views easily and quickly. As far as display of multimedia is concerned, Rocketalk has inbuilt Image viewer and Video player. A simple tap/click on the image makes it full screen and the video is played immediately. All in all i rate it as an average application with a greate scope of improvement (Read below to know why).

My Opinion

I used this application a year ago and abandoned it soon as i lost interest in its community. Moreover, twitter was introduced to me during that time! Anyways, the reasons why i didn’t like it before and failed to spark interest this time as well are:

  • Rocketalk doesn’t support landscape mode which makes it hard for me to use it since am in habit of using my Nokia 5230 as well as Nokia 5800 in landscape mode.
  • Whatever content is available, the sharing possibilities are extremely limited. In age of social media, i expect sharing via email, twitter, facebook to name a few.
  • Rocketalk mobile application uses its own video player, however, the player lacks many controls, lack of audio control for video playback being the biggest setback.
  • Image quality is poor when viewed in full screen mode and lacks zoom function as well.
  • Improper content filtration (No Safe-search mode).

If the developers of Rocketalk fix the above mentioned problems as well as integrate Twitter (and/or facebook) within the application itself, i might give it another try.

Rocketalk is available for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, BlackBerry and Samsung. The latest version of Rocketalk can be downloaded via their web-portal or via their mobile wap site.



  1. Dear Paritosh thankyou very much for the review, well you pointed out few isues that we @ RockeTalk have recognised and are working towards better user experience, the first steps have allreadybeen taken and if you try the new version hich is now availabe for series 60 2 and third edition phones you will se our latest Application, unfortunatly the built for your 5800 touchscreen is not available @ thsi point if time but if you have any other series 60 non touch phone pleasedo experience RockeTlks latest avtar.


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