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SPB Time: Wake Up To Soothing Music With Bio Alarm (Review)

SPB Software has been involved in making some great applications for Symbian users despite the amount of criticism Symbian has had recently. Recently they added a brand new time management tool in their Symbian line up. Called SPB Time, it completely revamps the way you manage time on your device by introducing a new alarm system, World clock and idle clock with seconds hand (mainly). I have been using it for a while now and now that I know the app pretty well, here’s what I think about SPB Time:

SPB Time Review

Starting with installation, there isn’t much to do. The installation size is approximately 5 MB on Nokia 5230 and I believe it will be the same for all the S60V5 (Symbian^1) as well as Symbian^3 devices. You have the option to either install it on external memory or phone memory hence no bounding. Once installed you can initiate the app and start setting up alarms, view awesome clock dials (some of them are very pretty!), etc. SPB Time’s home-screen is simplistic but rakes in almost all the necessary items viz. A clock dial (with seconds hand), Alarms set, Current date and a pop up menu leading to all the other features of SPB Time. One of the main feature of SPB Time is it’s Bio Alarm Clock. SPB Time allows you to set alarms in 3 modes viz. Classic, which are using on your phone now; Paranoid, to wake you up the same instant, similar to giving a heart attack 😛 and Bio mode, which once enabled plays soothing tones before the alarm time. Though a detailed explanation has been given by SPB Software regarding the advantage of using Bio mode but in lay man terms what this means is, you will not be woken up in midst of your sleep by a loud awkward tone, instead SPB Time will play Bio sound a minute (can be changes) or before the actual alarm time which somewhat relaxes your mind. A feature hard to explain but once used, you will be addicted to it!

Moving on the next best thing about SPB Time is the clock dial shown on the home-screen of the application. If you have noticed, I have mentioned about the seconds hand many a time reason being it looks kind of stylish to have a big clock with a seconds hand, not common in Nokia devices. This isn’t something of great importance to the user but those looking to stylize their home-screen’s this is the real deal. Moreover you can customize the clock’s skin to your preference and choose from those available online. My only regret being SPB Time’s inability to show this beautiful dial on the standby screen itself, adding this feature to the future release of SPB Time would be great!

Other than the above features World Time, Countdown times, Stop Watch, Moon positions and basic calender has been added to SPB Time. Countdown Timer, Stop Watch, Moon Positions and Calender serve the purpose as do other applications but in a visually attractive manner. World Time whereas shows the time all over the world but in 3D, a nice touch to the otherwise cliched Nokia World Time. World Time is shown on 3D earth as well as reflecting the time of the day (Day/night). It is indeed as beautiful as it gets.

To sum up SPB Time breeds on Bio Alarm and attractive clock dial which in my opinion are the driving force for buying this app. And counting the price of app which is just $4.99 I think its a worthy investment. SPB Time is available for mobile phone’s running S60v5 and Symbian^3 version of Symbian. You can download the Trial before buying this app from here. SPB can be purchased directly from SPB Software website here.



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