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Stream Media On Your Apple Device With Air Playit, Skip Troublesome Converting/Synchronizing Process

In the iTunes video store, you can access hundreds of movies, TV shows and music videos for free or buy them or if you still dont have an apple iphone then maybe you have tons of videos saved from YouTube, DailyMotion, Google Video, Megavideo, Metacafe, etc. If not these videos then you certainly have stored many HD Camcorder MTS, M2TS videos on your PC or Mac.

Now if you are an apple users you must be wondering, how do I play these videos on my iPhone, iPad?

There are many software that allow you to convert the video to iPhone, iPad supported format and then you can sync the video to your iOS devices via the iTunes. The sync process is really a tough work, let alone the long time video conversion that might drive you to the edge of breaking down. What makes thing worse is that you can’t save all your videos on iPhone, iPad for the limitation of the memory.

To solve this hindrance, save time and overcome barrier of limited disk space, Digiarty released a new application viz. Air Playit which offers users a new way to watch video on their iOS devices.

Air Playit is a free video audio streaming app that allows you to transfer video and music from your PC/Mac to iPhone, iPad via local/remote WiFi, 3G/4G network. By means of streaming, you can play any video on your iOS devices immediately whether it is in AVI, FLV, WMV or M2TS format. No video conversion and sync are required. Time saved!

How to Stream Video Audio from PC/Mac to iPhone iPad using Air Playit

The first thing we need to do is install the Air Playit server on the PC or Mac and the mobile app client on the iPhone/iPad. Before streaming video/audio, you’ll need to keep your mobile app client connected to the network meanwhile keeping your computer on.

Now follow the steps given below to get your media to your device on the fly!

    1. Run the Air Playit server. Add the video music that you want to stream to the Shared Folder. You can add as many as you want.
    2. Run the Air Playit client on your iPhone iPad. Air Playit can automatically find the Server with WiFi, 3G/4G network by Bonjour service. Or you can manually add the IP address. (The IP and Port information can be found in the Server main interface)

    1. Tab the folder under the server, and then you can play the video/audio that you like.

Thats about it! You are ready to play audio/video stored on your PC/MAC without even converting and/or transferring them to your device.

Besides streaming video collection from your PC/Mac to your iPhone iPad, Air Playit also supports air downloading videos to your iPhone/ iPad for offline watching.

All in all if you are looking for a professional and easy way to stream video audio to iPhone iPad, Air Playit is the way to go 🙂

Air Playit for iPad can be downloaded from here – Air Playit iPad itunes link and for iPhone it can be downloaded using this link – Air Playit iPhone itunes link.

Psssstttt….. Android users can expect Air Playit soon!


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