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“Check In” To Your Facebook Account On Mobile Using Kasvopus

Facebook recently launched a mobile application capable of serving almost all the mobile phones, from low end java based phones to smart-phones. Although Facebook For Mobile does serve the basic purpose of updating status, replying to comments, however those who own high end mobile phones look for much more than basic functionality. This is where Kasvopus comes into play. Kasvopus is a QT based mobile application available for Nokia touch phones running on Symbian^3 and S60v5 (Symbian^1) platform.

Kasvopus has an installation size of just under 300 Kb but do not be deceived by its small installation size. It packs in a lot of features that even Nokia’s Facebook application, which comes pre-installed, does not have. Following are some of the features worth mentioning:

  • View your friends wall.
  • Browse through your/friends photo album(s). It shows ’em all!
  • Lists all the events.
  • Check in to places (This is the first app for Symbian which allows that, I guess).
In terms of usability Kasvopus scores in all departments, be it ease of access or general user interface. The home screen has a nice “Kasvopus” tab right on top of screen tapping on which takes you back to home screen doesn’t matter where you are (in application). Composing a status message is even easier, all you need to do is tap on that white icon on top bar and the share window drops down making it extremely easy to post a status update anytime! There is another icon next to the “Share Status” icon which lists all the available feature in a nice drop down window thus making it easier for you to use any functionality of application.

Although everything gels in well and works out in favour of Kasvopus, there are somethings that nagged me while using it:
  • You can upload photo’s using Kasvopus.
  • Difficulty in logging in to your account initially (Annoying script errors).
These are small issues and doesn’t hinder the overall usability of application but it would be nice if developers takes care of them and improvises it further!

All in all, Kasvopus has managed to take its position on my mobile phone’s home screen and as a user I’ll recommend it to all the facebook addicts!

Kasvopus is available to download for free and is supported for Nokia N900, Symbian^3 and Symbian^1 (S60v5). You can download Kasvopus directly from developers website – Kasvopus for mobile.

P.S: I prefer it more than Gravity mobile app. So you know how good it is.


  1. I installed qt converter and it installed qt v4.06 but this facebook app requires v4.07.
    How to update qt? I’m using nokia 5233 v40.

  2. Reason why I did not share links for QT files is that installing wrong version may render your phone useless (for running QT apps). Just download ‘Converter QT’, a basic qt based app. It’ll install the right versiom for your device. Here’s the link: store.ovi.com/content/85888


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