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Surge Protect Electronic Devices With Masterplug Power Bar [Review]

You spend a part of your hard earned salary, precious pocket money for buying a gadget and the last thing you would want is the see them break down because of sudden power surge. This is where Masterplug Surge Protected Power Bar comes into action.

This nifty electronic device solves 2 basic but highly understated purposes i.e avoid regular scrambling for a suitable wall point to juice up your dying device and provide surge protection against power outage(s). It’s like a regular multi-socket power bar! Masterplug Surge Protected 4 Plug Power Bar is comes with:

  • 4 sockets to charge device(s).
  • Surge Protection.
  • 2 USB sockets for USB cable charging.
  • 2 LED’s indicating the status of Surge Protection and Functionality of unit itself.

Alright so you know what the review is all about, now let’s get started with actual review.

Charging Sockets

Let’s start with built in charging sockets. It’s the sturdy build quality of sockets, which I appreciate the most. In no way does the charging socket seem to crank out. One thing I really wished for was the presence of dedicated On/Off toggle switch for each individual power socket, this way you could keep the mains on whilst keep only sockets of your preference turned on. As of now, once you power on the main switch all the sockets carry current.


Surge Protection

I couldn’t test out how surge protection actually works but going by it’s user manual, the light indicator present on top will change it’s color to indicate power surge. Again, there’s no personal experience but as per it’s description power surge protector can shield connected device(s) from harmful voltage spikes.

USB Charging Ports

Inclusion of 2 USB charging ports works out very well. I have always struggled to find the find wall socket charger for my Bluetooth headset, portable charger, iPod Touch 5g, etc. Now, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. As a matter of fact, the power bar in essence has 6 charging slots if your were to include 2 added USB ports as well! Sweet huh!!

All in all Masterplug Surge Protected 4 Plug Power bar is a useful gadgetry. If you tired of managing intertwined wires then look no more, get on and buy it straightaway. It’s available for $15.99 at LoveCases – Visit the purchase page.

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