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TextMe – Push Text, Image, Video, Links From Desktop To Mobile Phone Via SMS For Free!

Textme has launched a service that allows users to share text, images, videos and links from the web browser to any mobile phone in India.

Textme installs a button inside the web browser which stays with the user while browsing the web. This enables users to simple right click any image, link or text on a web page to send to a phone. This simple and effective sharing method has garnered 40k users who have used the service close to 5 million times since its launch. Alexa currently lists Textme as one of top 5,000 sites in India.

The service can be used on any website in the world and according to founder Dayson Pais, “Users are delighted to discover new and unique ways to use Textme like sharing online news articles, IPL scores, videos from youtube, images from facebook, sending wikipedia links & excerpts, railway bookings, ticket information, live stock quotes from moneycontrol and more. A lot of people also use Textme as a convenient way to quickly send messages to friends and family.”

Textme is available for almost every major browser like Chrome, Firefox etc. India is a mobile crazy country. Textme takes the love for online sharing and combines it with this craze for mobile messaging. It addresses the one area of sharing content where there has been no ready solution at hand – Sharing from your browser to a friend’s phone via SMS. The ease with which the service delivers is one of the biggest reasons for its success. Textme is simple sharing packed with a great user experience.

Main Features Of Textme Are:

  • Installs in a PC browser like Chrome or Firefox,
  • Can send text, images, videos & links from any website in the world,
  • Does not require a smartphone to use,
  • Intuitive UI and one of the best user experiences,
  • Completely free to use!
Click here to visit Textme and start pushing out text, image, video and links to your mobile phone!


  1. nice app! I was looking for a long time for that. thanks for sharing. I have a problem with my pc, it pretty slow. I don’t know what to do. I found this site, not sure how it works. norton didn’t worked on my computer so I have to find something else…


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