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How to Improve Mobile User Experience Online

The facts and figures relating to the number of mobile phone users in the world are being updated more or less on a daily basis and are moving only one way and that way is up. The most recent figures available confirm that at the beginning of 2012, there were 1.2 billion people who own a 3G smart phone which they use on a regular basis.

That number represents a very large percentage of the population and a potentially huge market for anyone wishing to sell products and services.

The best way to improve your mobile user experience online to capture a share of the market is to create a mobile user experience that is totally different from the normal concepts that web designers and programmers have gotten used to with traditional desktop publishing. Producing content for mobile applications is a whole new ball game, and although screens are getting wider all the time, they will never reach the same dimensions of a traditional computer screen.

That is a factor that has to be taken into account, among a number of other considerations that can be described as pertinent exclusively to the mobile world. These include tailoring page design to the very wide number of mobile devices around with choices growing all the time as well as coping with different levels of connectivity that accessing the web through Wi-Fi connections inevitably brings.

Mobile applications also have to be compatible with devices from Apple iPhones through, BlackBerrys, Androids, Nokia devices and so many more.

For desktop based web designs, you only had one markup language to deal with viz. HTML. But on the Mobile Web, there is also WML and then platforms such as iOS for Apple devices and Android for Android devices

Creating mobile user experiences is a completely different ball game from what has become fairly standard procedure for many years in the design of desktop web sites. Designing and producing web sites for mobiles have to take into account all of the mobile-specific considerations. Considerations that go hand in hand with small screens, wide variations in device features, constraints in usage and connectivity, and the ever changing patterns of mobile content.

In order to your mobile your user experience , you need to be capable of spinning it into a sequence of principal components that will provide the user with framework, that has been created based on previous satisfactory evaluations.

Taking into account the evaluations that have previously been gathered, taking into account such important factors as functionality, content quality, content delivered in the proper context, any available user input and pin-point marketing should available any company, large or small, to take full advantage of the tremendous potential that professionally prepared mobile marketing campaign can offer.

Guest article by Richard from InfinityTechnologies. He is a regular contributor to website design and online marketing blogs. Richard is a Magento developer with over 4 years experience working on ecommerce projects.

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