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Throw Corrupt Politicians Into Sea – Dangerous Perception Of Indian Political Class!

A joke by an anonymous has appeared in Times of India of today, which is appropriate for current state of affairs in our country which is going through a war of corruption unleashed by our political class. This joke goes as under:

“An Indian tourist walks into a curio shop in the US. He sees a life-size bronze satatue of a rat and finds it so striking he decides to buy it. The owner says : $12 for the rat,and $100 for the story”. The tourist hands the owner $12. “I will take the rat, you keep the story.”

As he walks down the street with the bronze rat, he notices a few real rats crawl out of the alleys and sewers and start following him. As he paces up, hundreds more join in, squealing. He runs towards the Bay, and there are millions following him. Rattled, he throws the bronze rat far into the sea. To his utter surprise, the millions of rats jump into the sea in no time.

The man runs back to the curio shop. “Aha”, says the owner, “You have come back for the story?” The man says: No. I came back to see if you have any Indian politician’s statue in bronze!”

Our political class has exceeded all limits of decency, corruption that mango people of this country are fed up with third rate politicians, whose sole motive are to amass wealth by hook or crook. When they are faced with facts and figures, then they start loosing their temper and start calling names to those people who exposes them, as our otherwise learned and suave Law Minister is doing for the last few days. These corrupt political class believe that it is their moral and fundamental right to resort to all kinds of wayward acts without being subjected to any type of scrutiny. This is no more acceptable to common man now as they want to know why they should continue to suffer for misdeeds of our leaders for their ulterior motives.

Unfortunately, our current political dispensation would not have been able to take the law for granted had our head of government been more assertive, strong and commanded respect among its leaders. Hardly a day pass, when we are confronted with new scandal or expose. We are fed -up with watching breaking news about scams and wish our political class also take initiative to end this pessimism among the ordinary citizens otherwise people will be forced to come to the streets and like bronze statue in above joke, our political class will find themselves in deep sea one day.

This dangerous perception can be changed only by our political class by their honest deeds and concern for society and addressing the burning issues with sincerity and determination. The road ahead looks bleak at the moment but some flicker of hope has been shown by the socail activists. Let us hope for the best for future of this country!


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