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Microsoft Introduces Fable:The Journey Game For Xbox 360 With Kinect

Microsoft has introduced the  latest exciting and action packed game – “Fable: The Journey,” designed for Kinect with Xbox 360. This game is set in a powerful storyline that uses the magic of Kinect and the power of video game console to move the story forward.

Published by Microsoft Studios and developed by Lionhead Studios, ‘Fable: The Journey’ plunges the gamers into an epic struggle as they take on the avatar of Gabriel who has to use magic to defeat his enemies. Gamers will get the chance to take on the avatar of Gabriel and come to the aid of the ailing and mysterious Theresa who has appeared in all previous games in the franchise. As Gabriel, the player is then plunged into an action-packed adventure full of dangerous enemies, hair-raising chases and humorous and witty characters. Journeying through dangerous paths with a horse, gamers will learn to master magic as a deadly weapon, defend themselves in combat and solve puzzles on their personal journey to becoming a hero through the beautifully imagined world of Albion.

Thanks to the controller-free experience of Kinect, gamers will be able to quickly wield magic in ways they never dreamed possible. Players can use Kinect to do anything from casting spells with one hand to blocking incoming attacks and controlling the reins of their horse as it gallops through stunning Albion. The horse itself is a character and grooming and looking after the horse properly wins the gamer points.

To cast magic by using their hands to perform certain gestures, players can enter a spell crafting mode, which allows drawing items with their hands and then using them as spells. This enables players to create shields, spears and hammers in order to defeat enemies. Players can also create fishing rods and telescopes, which can then be used in minigames. This is a hardcore Kinect game, an immersive experience using the full body gestures of Kinect to guide the character through the journey.

This game is available now in retail stores in India for INR 2599/-.


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