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Twibble – Life Line For Mobile Tweeters


As the official twibble website states “Twibble mobile is a fast and feature rich twitter client for java enabled smartphones…….” and i must say there are true to every word ! Twibble is a small software ( just 109 kb setup ) for java phones designed for a hassle free tweeting.

Before moving further i would like to clarify that this post in no ways is influenced by twibble and i am NOT obliged to review it. I am reviewing it because i liked the software and that i own my blog then why not promote what i like.

Anyways moving on. Starting from its appearance, it has an attractive yet easy to use interface. You dont have to press ‘thousand’ buttons to get what you want, 3 right or left presses and you get everything right before your eyes ! This is the most attractive thing i found in this software and is the prime reason for using it.

Moving further, the data usage is very low, it isnt a data intensive application that might inflate your mobile bills. The reason is that it fetches only the NEW tweets unlike other applications which download entire timeline everytime you press reload button.
Talking about reload button, the reloading is done automatically in twibble, you just need to set the update interval located in the Options and thats it, twibble will automatically fetch new tweets, if any, and show a status message on the application header ‘New Tweets’ or ‘New Reply’ or ‘New Direct Message’.
This auto update functionality is a thing that i found missing in most of the java applications. Those which had this function didnt give us the option privilege to set update intervals.

One more thing that encourages me to use it is the ease of retweeting, attaching pictures, setting up pre-defined text and following/Unfollowing anybody on the go. All you need to do is select the tweet and go to the Options menu from there on do what you want to do. I personally think that the interface is easier to operate than the twitter homepage ! !

Twibble SS

But as you know everything, be it a small software like twibble, suffers from certain flaws and it too has some like after using it for an hour or so you will start getting IO EXCEPTION errors ( Atleast i did ), the latest version hangs on tweeting or retweeting ( For SE K550i ), No way to access your Favourites ( There is an option to set favourites though ), etc.

Besides the above mentioned errors, there might be other problems too faced by individuals. But the positive thing about twibble is that they are constantly releasing updates to overcome such problems.

Lastly, i would highly recommend all the reader who tweet from mobile to use twibble and enhance your tweeting experience.

For a complete set of feature and for downloading twibble, visit their official website HERE.


  1. Twibble is an universal application i.e can almost be installed on any phone running java applications which is not in the case of Gravity, i suppose.

  2. I have tried twibble. It’s nice. But currently I use Gravity.

    I found it better than twibble.


    .-= Ashish´s last blog ..AshishM2: @ihackinjosh These BADA screenshot looks more like a differently themed Symbian. Are you sure it’s genuine BADA shots? =-.


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