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Target Users Via SMS Using txtWeb – An Exciting Platform For Developers

rockthevote txtWebAs per the latest data, there are around 900 million mobile users in India and unfortunately 90% of them do not have the luxury of internet connection. These 800 million people have mobile handsets in their pocket which are either merely feature phones or aren’t connected to internet. These people without internet connection, can’t browse the internet, use social networking sites and remain deprived of useful apps available on many platforms.

txtWebTo empower those users of mobile phones, who are without internet connections, txtWeb, which is SMS based app platform, is helping around 3 billion people around the globe. In India, this platform is also very popular and around 11 million are active users spread in 950 cities and towns. txtWeb provides around 3000 apps in sports, health, entertainment, finace, news, weather, crops, jobs and education etc.

txtweb Live ResultsHow txtWeb Works

txtWeb is a SMS app platform and anyone with a mobile phone can consume content just by SMSing keywords to 51115. For instance if you want to know the latest results of IPL matches, you just have to write @cri in your message box and SMS to 51115 or if you want to know about ongoing election news, just write @election 2014 and you will get all the results and news instantly in your inbox.

design_ps_3-685x334For sending the SMS, the service provider will charge you just 50 paise for each SMS. For sending the SMS, it is not necessary that you should have smartphone. You can use feature phones also for utilising the txtWeb services. However, if you have an Android phone, then you can access their service via http://www.txtweb.com/androidapp/

txtWeb platform is evovling and more and more apps are being added to its portfolio to make it more popular and interesing. txtWeb encourages the developers with a varied skillset and coding background to develop the apps for their platform. The apps can be developed in any of the web programming languages like PHP, JAVA, PYTHON and so on. This platform also expect the developers to include new features in their app as the developers coding skills improve. Moreover, the developers with no coding skills can also develop apps with a simple excel sheet.

To appreciate the eforts of the developers, txtWeb rewards its developers with cash prizes of upto 51,115 INR every month.  The platform has two leaderboards based on user hits, that rewards new apps and fan favorites.

The apps can be created on the txtWeb platform throgu coding, excel sheet, and txtSite, which is the easiest and quickest way to create an app to serve static content. Finally, the fourth method is txtReminder app, which sends SMS messages to its subscribers at a scheduled frequency & time.

Deploying the app is alo easy process and loading existing content via a txtWeb site takes only 5 minutes. An app through txtShuffle could take 20 mins and a reminder app could take between 20 to 30 mins. Creating and deploying an SMS-based app on txtWeb usually takes about 5 hours.

The platform of txtWeb also supports different languages allowing developers to create location-specific apps in regional languages. You can get detailed information about creating an app on txtWeb in this Tutorial or check out a sample txtWeb code here. You can also share your queries with the txtWeb team at [email protected]

If you have necessary skills  in devloping the apps then txtWeb provides you ideal platform to develop the apps for them and enable you to earn financial rewards also.


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