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U2opia Mobile Launches Woo App In Delhi & Mumbai

U2opia Mobile has launched in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai, WOO, an app available on Android and iOS which gives users, a platform to connect with like-minded, interesting, urban singles from the same city. This app was launced earlier in Bangalore in August.

image003 (2)U2opia Mobile is targetting this app for  educated, young, single professionals between the age group of 25-35 years old. This app is claimed to provide the perfect alternative to casual dating apps and the old-fashioned matrimonial websites that are currently available and is intended for mature, sophisticated individuals who are seeking substantial interactions, based on real criteria like similar lifestyles and interests, rather than arbitrary ones like complexion, weight, caste which are used traditionally.

U2opia Mobile has enlisted following features of Woo app :

Curated Community – Woo actively screens each application before letting users onto the app. Woo allows only single people to sign up, keeping out non-serious thrill-seekers. Moreover, with a sophisticated filtering algorithm, Woo weeds out fake profiles, ensuring a high-quality, curated community of sophisticated, mature individuals seeking something substantial and meaningful.

Circle of Trust – The number one way people meet today, despite other available options, is still via friends. Woo mimics that very thing on the app, where it allows you to see if you have mutual friends with someone you like on Woo. If you do, you can actually ask the mutual friend to make introductions and help get the conversation started. Having someone familiar in common also boosts the trust and confidence users feel in initiating conversation.

Hyper-local – Woo only connects people within the same city. That way, if 2 users form a match and like each other, they can decide to meet up in the real world at any time.

‘Woo is about real relationships – relationships with people you could genuinely connect with, people with whom you have friends in common and relationships that actually have a chance of translating into reality’, says Sumesh Menon, CEO and Co-founder of U2opia Mobile.


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